--> Pair of words | Pair of words pdf | Pair of words with sentences | Learning ki dunya | LearningKiDunya

Pair of words | Pair of words pdf | Pair of words with sentences | Learning ki dunya

Read here pair of words in pair of words list and pair of words 10th class, pair of words 1st year, pair of words in English at learning ki dunya

Pair of words | Pair of words pdf | Pair of words with sentences | Learning ki dunya

1. Ability         He has the unusual ability as a machine. 

    Capacity His capacity for mathematics is very limited.

2. Abject         He is an abject coward.

    Object         one must have a clear objective of his own life

3. Able         He is an able teacher.

    Capable Man is capable of doing both good and evil.

4. Abolish Slavery was abolished in the mid -19th century in America.

    demolish Government is planning to demolish decayed buildings.

5.    About He is about eight years old.

      Almost He was almost dead when he was brought out of the river.

6.   Abstain He abstains from smoking.

      Refrain He cannot refrain from eating despite the excessive weight.

7.   Accede Will ou accede to my request for lunch?

      Concede We should concede the trust of this statement.

8.   Accept The principal will accept my application for leave.

      Except The restaurant is, open every day except Sunday.

9.   Acceptance I have received your acceptance latter

      Exception Everybody was present with the exception of Nasir.

10.  Access He is proud of his access to the president.

       Excess Excess of everything is bad.

11.  Accident He was killed in a road accident

       Incident The brother incidents may lead to war.

12.  Acquire We must acquire good habits.

       Require Educated person is required for this post.

13.  Act         The pump is not acting properly.

       Action The time has come for action.

14.  Adapt. This story is adapted from Hardy’s novel.

       Adept. He is adept in many languages.

15.  Addition He will be a useful addition to the staff of the college.

       Edition The new edition of this book has been published.

16.  Admission  Admission to the university depends on the examination result.

       Admittance How did he get admittance to the office?

17.  Admit I admit that he is honest

       Confess In the court he confessed his guilt.

18.  Adverse He completed his education despite adverse circumstances.

       Averse He seems to be averse to hard work.

19.  Advice He did not listen to my advice.

       Advice Please advise him to work hard.

20.  Affect Hot weather affects his health.

       Effect   His speech had a great effect on the audience.

21.  Affection Parents have great affection for their children

       Affectation Cultured man dislikes affectation.

22.  Afflict She is afflicted with a severe fever.

      Inflict         We shall inflict a crushing defeat on India if she dares to attack us.

23. Aggravate  The situation will further aggravate due to his aggressive behavior.

      Annoy You annoy me when you refuse to come with me.

24. Allow         Please allow me to carry a dog.

      Permit Smoking is not permitted in cinema.

25. Allude The president should allude to certain developments during this tenure of office in his speech.

     Refer         Please refer to chapter ten for more details on the object.

26. Allusion A writer should explain his allusions to books and events.

      Illusion Illusion of childhood does not last long.

27. Altar         The sacrificial lamb was taken to the altar.

      Alter         Nothing can alter her clothes after losing weight.

28. Alternate The doctor visits the patient on alternate days.

29. Amateur He is an amateur boxer.

      Immature Ali behaves like an immature boy.

30. Amiable Mr hameed is an amiable person.

      Amicable They reached an amicable settlement and solved their problem.

31. Amity         Trust breeds amity.

      Enmity There is no enmity between us.

32. Ancient I like to read ancient history.

      Old Old is gold.

33. Anticipate We can anticipate what India will do.

      Expect Pakistan expects everybody to do his duty.

34. Apposite He is a man of opposite views.

      Opposite He belongs to the opposite camp.

35. Apprehend         As I apprehended, the situation is becoming serious.

      Comprehend Before giving an answer, comprehend the question carefully.

36. Rise         The sun rises in the east.

      Arise         A new problem has now arisen.

37. Art He is devoted to the art of painting.

      Artifice He pretended to faint, which was merely an artifice.

38. Artificial She lost her artificial ornaments.

      Superficial He is a man of superficial interest.

39. Artisan A painter or house is an artisan.

      Artist. A painter of pictures is an artist.

40. Avenge She will avenge himself for the insult.

      Revenge He may revenge himself for the insult.

41. Await         They found her awaiting them.

      Wait         I wait for you to decide.

42. Attention Pay full attention to your studies.

      Intention I have no intention to go here.

43. Avocation Gardening is his favorite avocation.

      Vocation His vocation is the law. Teaching is my vocation.

44. Bail         The accused was released on bail.

      Bale         He bought a dozen bales of cotton.

45. Ballet         Chinese ballet is worth seeing.

      Ballot         We put our ballot papers in the box.

46. Bare         Please do not walk barefooted on the ground.

      Bear         We saw a bear in the zoo.

47. Base         Who will appreciate his base motives?

      Bass         He sings bass.

48. Beach We went to the for bathing.

      Beech A number of beeches are growing in the field.

49. Being He will being his speech at 9 o’clock.

      Start         The game start after 5 minutes.

50. Beneficial Universal primary education will be beneficial for the people of Pakistan.

      Beneficient Allah is the most merciful and the Most Beneficent.

51. Berth I reserved a berth in Shalimar train.

      Birth Today is my birthday.

52. Beside Aslam is sitting beside me.

      Besides He was beside himself with anger.

53. Between Ali divided his sheet between Ahmed and Omar.

      Among He sitting among people.

54. Blew The policeman blew his whistle.

      Blue His shirt color blue.

55. Born Ahmad born in Lahore.

      Borne He has borne his luggage to the station.

56  Brake         The driver applied the brakes to stop the car.

      Break Be careful the bat may break.

57  Breath I can hear your breath.

      Breathe He was breathing speedily.

58  Bridal         She was looking exceedingly beautiful in her bridal dress.

      Bridle         The horse broke the bridle and ran away.

59. broach We will broach this topic.

      Brooch The brooch looks beautiful on her shirt.

60. Calendar Hang the calendar on the wall.

      Calendar Calendar the cloth to make it glossy.

61. Cannon The cannon was fired by the soldier.

      Canon He is the canon of the cathedral.

62. Canvas sails are made of canvas.

      Canvass You can canvas for votes.

63. Cast         He will cast his net into the river.

64. Case         The rice mill has ceased working.

      Seize         He seized the thief by the neck.

65. Ceiling The ceiling of this rook is cracked.

      Roof         This roof has a tin roof.

66. Cellar         He has put all the merchandise in the cellar.

      Seller         He is fruit a seller.

67. Cancer Incense is burning in cancer.

      Censor Films in Pakistan are censored.

68. Serial         This is the serial story.

69. Ceremonial Eid is a ceremonial occasion.

      Ceremonious His greeting was too ceremonious.

70. Check How can check my progress?

      Cheque I paid him through a cheque.

71. Childish I can not approve of his childish activities.

      Childlike His childlike simplicity impresses everyone.

72. Choir         He is a member of the church choir.

      Quire I have used one quire of paper today.

73. Chord Don't strike the harp; one chord is broken.

      Cord         Tighten the cords, please.

74. Cite         He cites many examples to prove his point.

      Site         The new site for the college has been selected.

75. Cloth         We bought some cloth from the market.

      Clothe The naked must be clothed.

76. Coarse She has coarse features.

      Course We enjoyed a three-course meal at this restaurant.

77. Coma He was in a coma for many days.

      Comma Put a comma here.

78. Complement A regiment has its a compliment.

      Compliment We paid him a compliment.

79. Confidant you are my confidant.

      Confident I am confident of my success in the examination.

80. Conscious He is conscious of his weaknesses.

      Conescien-tious He is a conscientious.loss.

81. Continual How so we fervent these continual power breakdowns?

      Continuous It was a continuous flight from London to Karachi.

82. Corporal Corporal punishment must be disallowed in schools.

      Corporeal Man is a corporeal being but an angel is not.

83. Crops The Afra-states conference has set up voluntary crops.

      Corpse The corpse was sent for past more.

84. Council He is a member of the union council.

      Counsel I have given you the best counsel that I can.

85. Credible I don’t think that his story is credible.

      Creditable The students have made creditable progress in their studies.

86. Cruise The sailor went on a round-the-world cruise.

      Cruse I want to drink water; I need a cruse.

87. Cue         This is my cue, I must now fo on the stage.

      Queue You must join the queue to pay for the electricity.

88. Currant She will use currants to make a cake.

      Current You must read newspapers and magazines for current affairs.

89. Custom    Some social customers are now dying out.

      Habit         He has developed a habit of smoking.

90. Cymbal Two members of the military band were beating upon cymbals.

      Symbol The cross is a symbol of sacrifice.

91. dairy         We bought milk from the dairy.

      Diary         The student writes work on a diary.

92. Decease She is an afghan girl the decease of her parent affected her life.


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LearningKiDunya: Pair of words | Pair of words pdf | Pair of words with sentences | Learning ki dunya
Pair of words | Pair of words pdf | Pair of words with sentences | Learning ki dunya
Read here pair of words in pair of words list and pair of words 10th class, pair of words 1st year, pair of words in English at learning ki dunya
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