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Ppsc Mcqs Part 2 251-514 | Ppsc General Knowledge Mcqs | Pdf 2021 General Knowledge Mcqs For Ppsc

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Ppsc Mcqs Part 2 251-514 | Ppsc General Knowledge Mcqs | Pdf 2021  General Knowledge Mcqs For Ppsc

PPSC MCQs | Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Test with Answers for PPSC Test (Objective Type Questions Test Preparation Material). PPSC MCQS  is a one-step solution for PPSC/PCS/PMS exam test preparation and Jobs 2021. 

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General Knowledge

251. The second-largest ocean in the world is

A. the Indian Ocean                            B. Atlantic Ocean          C. Pacific Ocean             D. Arctic Ocean

252. Water covers about.........of the Earth's surface.

A. 55%                          B. 75%                          C. 65%                          D. 85%

253. The paper we use in fax machines is called

A. Glaze paper              B. Stamp paper             C. Herbal paper             D. Thermal paper

254. Who invented the bulb?

A. Robert                      B. Finlay Morris             C. Edison                      D. Herbert

255. The capital city of South Sudan is

A. Kinshasa                   B. Rabat                        C. Juba                         D. Khartoum

256. The height of Nanga Parbat is

A. 8606                         B. 8711                         C. 8261                         D. 8125

257. The E.C.O. was founded in

A. 1970                         B. 1975                         C. 1980                         D. 1985

258. The organization of Non-aliened countries is called

A. OIC                           B. NAM                                    C. NATO                       D. ECO

259. Members of OIC in total are

A. 55                             B. 56                             C. 57                             D. 58

260. The administrative center of OIC is situated in

A. Tehran                     B. Rabat                        C. Damascus                 D. Jeddah

261. Where is the Headquarter of OPEC?

A. Geneva                    B. Vienna                     C. Havana                     D. Riyadh

262. There are.........member states of E.U.

A. 27                             B. 25                             C. 28                             D. 26

263. Gulf Cooperation Council consists of Member states.

A. 5                              B. 4                               C. 3                               D. 6

264. Which country is the current Football World Champion?

A. Brazil                        B. Germany                  C. Spain                                    D. France

265. Which of the following is the landlocked country?

A. Nigeria                     B. Kenya                       C. Sri Lanka                   D. Uganda

266. Tahrir Square is situated in

A. Rabat                       B. Tehran                      C. Cairo                                    D. Istanbul

267. Benghazi is a city in

A. Iraq                          B. Syria                         C. Morocco                   D. Libya

268. River The Nile originates from

A. Lake Nyasa                                                   B. Cherangany Mountains        

C. Lake Victoria                                                 D. Springs in Kenya

269. Greenwich is located in

A. Greenland                B. England                    C. Holland                     D. France

270. Canton is a city in

A. Thailand                   B. China                        C. Germany                  D. South Korea

271. Indonesia and Malaysia are separated by

A. Inaccessible mountain  B. Gulf of Malaya      C. Malacca Strait           D. None of these

272. The capital of Zimbabwe is

A. Harare                      B. Seoul                                    C. Pretoria                    D. None of these

273. Myanmar is the new name of

A. Cambodia                 B. Burma                      C. Ceylon                      D. None of these

274. Morocco and Spain are separated by

A. Pyrenees Hills           B. Alps                          C. Strait of Gibraltar      D. River Rhine

275. The apex elected body in Israel is called

A. Parliament                B. Knesset                    C. Congress                  D. Shura

276. The Communist Revolution took place in Russia in the month of

A. March                       B. June                         C. October                    D. November

277. Pulitzer is an American award given in the field of

A. Sports                      B. Scuba                       C. Letters and Journalism          D. Music

278. Carte blanche means

A. Full discretionary powers     B. A blank thing C. Going by the rules     D. Wheel in the motion

279. Corrigendum means         

A. Agenda of the meaning        B. Things to be corrected          C. Study of some gender

D. Correspondence

280. Faux pas means

A. A fine person                        B. Luck                          C. Wisdom                    D. False and incorrect step

281. The fifth column refers to

A. Huge pillar                            B. Long writing              C. Loyalty                      D. Treachery

282. Pediatrics refers to

A. Care of pregnant women      B. Care of old people    C. Care of children        D. Care of bones and joints

283. Pythagoras, geometrician belonged to

A. Syria                                     B. Mesopotamia           C. Greece                     D. Italy

284. Asian Drama: An Inquiry into the Poverty of Nations was written by

A. Jawaharlal Nehru                  B. Gunnar Myrdal

C. Thomas Pain                         D. Joseph Conrad

285. The headquarters of WTO is located at

A. New York                             B. Rome                                   C. Geneva                    D. London

286. The International Court of Justice sits at

A. Paris                                     B. New York                              C. Brussels                    D. Hague

287. Heat received by the Earth from the Sun is known as

A. Insulation                             B. Solar heat                             C. Solar radiation          D. Thermal radiation

288. The deepest point in the Pacific Ocean is

A. Tonga Trench                        B. Mariana Trench                    C. Porto Rico Trench      D. Java Trench

289. Mount Kilimanjaro is located in

A. Kenya                                   B. Tanzania                               C. Uganda                     D. South Africa

290. Suez Canal links the following seas

A. The Black Sea and Aegean Sea                                                B. The Persian Gulf with Arabian

C. Red Sea with the Mediterranean                                          D. The Mediterranean Sea with the Adriatic Sea

291. The nearest part of the atmosphere to earth is called

A. Stratosphere                        B. Troposphere             C. Ionosphere                           D. Mesosphere

292. Colosseum and Amphitheatre were built-in

A. Athens                                 B. Naples                      C. Rome                                   D. Milan

293. The Special Theory of Relativity was proposed by

A. Isaac Newton                       B. Albert Einstein         C. Galileo                                  D. Robert Hook

294. Isaac Newton gave

A. Law of planetary motion                                           B. Laws of motion and Laws of Gravitation

C. Law of Geometry                                                      D. None of these

295. "Composition of Alchemy" is written by

A. Ibn Al Haithem                      B. Jabir bin Hayan                     C. Ibne Rushd               D. Nasir Al Din

296. The book 'Al Qanun fil Tib' is written by

A. Al Beruni                              B. Bu Ali Sina                            C. Al Baltani                  D. Ibne Rushd

297. Chile has the longest shore along

A. Atlantic Sea                          B. Mediterranean Sea               C. Black Sea                  D. Pacific Ocean

298. The Earth is more close to the sun in

A. January                                B. July                                       C. September               D. June

299. The largest section of the Kurd population is living in

A. Iraq                                      B. Iran                                      C. Turkey                      D. Syria

300.  A  device that encodes characters by the depression of keys is known as

A. Printer                                  B. Keyboard                              C. Mouse                      D. Hard drive

301. The mixture of two metals is called

A. Dispersant                            B. Alloy                                                C. Amalgam                  D. Metalloid

302. The area inside a computer frame and auxiliary where date and instructions are stored is called

A. Memory                               B. Interpreter.                          C. Recorder                  D. Hopper

303. An extremely small piece of silicon on which integrated circuits are fabricated are called

A. Chip                                     B. Card Reader                          C. Feed                         D. Hollerith code

304. The time is taken by light to reach the Earth is

A. 4 minutes 30 seconds                                                            B. 8 minutes 20 seconds

C. 10 minutes 20 seconds                                                          D. 12 minutes 30 seconds

305. The shape of our Milky Way galaxy is

A. Irregular                               B. Spiral                                    C. Elliptic                       D. Rectangular

306. The coldest planet of the solar system is

A. Earth                                                B. Venus                       C. Neptune                               D. Pluto

307. BIMAN is an airline of

A. Sri Lanka                               B. Afghanistan              C. Cambodia                             D. Bangladesh

308. 38th parallel line is a boundary line lying between

A. Myanmar and Thailand         B. Thailand and Malaysia           C. India and China         D. South and North Korea

309. Oxygen by volume has a presence in the atmosphere of about

A. 10%                                      B. 21 %                                     C. 30 %                         D. 45 %

310. The brightest planet in the solar system is

A. Saturn                                  B. Venus                                   C. Neptune                   D. Mars

311. The planet with the shortest daytime is

A. Venus                                  B. Earth                                                C. Jupiter                      D. Pluto

312. Insulin in the human body is produced in

A. Liver                                     B. Kidney                                  C. Pancreas                   D. None of these

313. Dynamite was discovered by

A. Daimler                                B. Mosley                                 C. Alfred Nobel                         D. Freud

314. How far is the Dead Sea before the Mediterranean?

A. 250 meters                           B. 300 meters                           C. 400 meters               D. 1000 meters

315. The Laws of Heredity were discovered by

A. Benjamin Franklin                 B. Darwin                                  C. Mendel                    D. None

316. Nobel Prize of Physics was awarded to Dr. Abdus Salam in the year

A. 1969                                     B. 1975                                     C. 1979                         D. 1983

317. The longest river is located in

A. Asia                                      B. Africa                                   C. Latin America            D. North America

318. The highest mountain peak Mount Everest has been named after Col. George Everest who was

A. Commandant of 1" Mountain Infantry unit                            B. A commander of the Golscha brigade

C. A political Agent of N.W.F.P.                                                  D. Surveyor General of India

319. Christopher Columbus discovered America was

A. Spanish                                B. Italian                                   C. Dutch                       D. French

320. The single biggest hydel power generating site is situated in

A. Brazil                                    B. China                                    C. United States            D. India

321. The IMF and the World Bank are created through

A. Yalta Conference                  B. New Deal                              C. Treaty of Versailles

D. Bretton Woods Agreement

322. Moorish kingdom of Granada (Spain) surrendered to Christians in the year

A. 1453                                     B. 1492                                     C. 1526                         D. 1556

323. The President of Serbia who was indicted and tried by the War Criminal Tribunal was

A. Franco Tudman                     B. Slobodan Milosevic              C. Ralko Mladic             D. Radoslav Bradjnin

324. President of Syria Bashar Al Assad is by faith

A. Druze                                   B. Shia                                      C. Alavi                         D. Sunni

325. The 1st Olympic Gold Medal for Pakistan was in the Summer Olympic Games of

A. 1956                                     B. 1960                                     C. 1964                         D. 1968

326. The present Secretary-General of the UN is from

A. Australia                               B. Portugal                               C. Brazil                                    D. Austria

327. The cash balance of which company is more than the cash balance of the US?

A. Apple                                   B. Microsoft                              C. Bechtel                     D. Dupont

328. The father of modern Science Fiction is

A. H.G. Wells                           B. Aldous Huxley                       C. Maupassant              D. Bertrand Russell

329. The first modern international Olympic Games were held in Greece in 1896 in the month of

A. April                                     B. June                                     C. May                          D. July

330. The one who won the Grand Slam in tennis twice:

A. Leo Hoad                              B. Roy Emerson                                    C. Rod Laver                 D. Jimy Connors

331. Hanging Gardens of Babylon are located in modern-day

A. Syria                                     B. Lebanon                               C. Iraq                          D. Jordon

332. First Satellite Sputnik I was launched in October 1957. Indicate the date.

A. 2 October, 19574                                                                               B. 4 October 1957

C. 6 October 1957                                                                                 D. 8 October 1957

333. The celebrated scientist Isaac Newton was

A. British                                  B. Dutch                       C. Italian                                   D. French

334. Turnip is a root described as:         

A. Napiform                              B. Fusiform                   C. Conical                                  D. Tuberous

335. Penicillin was discovered by

A. Victor Fleming                      B. Ian Fleming               C. Alexander Fleming               D. Stephen

336. On 18th May 1974, India exploded the first nuclear device under the code name of

A. Operation Blue Star Rakshak B. Operation Gibraltar   C. Operation Smiling Buddha    

D. Operation New Age

337. Usain Bolt holds the world record for 100 meters race. To which country does he belong to?

A. Barbados                              B. Jamaica                    C. USA                                      D. Kenya

338. The Pescadores Islands are located in which strait?

A. Straits of Gibraltar                 B. Straits of Malacca      C. Korea Strait                           D. Taiwan Strait

339. What is the capital of the country Tunisia?

A. Luanda                                 B. Kinshasa                   C. Tunis                                                D. Harare

340. What is the currency of Honduras?

A. Lempira                                B. Pound                      C. Peso                                     D. Dollar

341. Located just north of the Mediterranean Sea and Between Italy and Greece, this sea is the origin of a famous myth

A. Ionian Sea                            B. Black Sea                  C. Tyrrhenian Sea                      D. Adriatic Sea

342. The highest military award of Russia is

A. Order of the Patriotic War    B. Military cross                        C. Parma vir chakra                   D. None of these

343. The document containing the proposals for a new constitution of India was called

A. Whitepaper                         B. Summary paper        C. Constitution paper                D. Proposal paper

344. How old the earth is?

A. 4.5 billion years                     C. 4.4 billion years         B. 4.6 billion years                    D. 4.7 billion years

345. The Third Crusade began in the year

A. 1189 A.D                               B. 1185 A.D.                  C. 1191 A.D.                              D. None of these

346. Changiz Khan died in the year

A. 1225 A.D.                              B. 1226 A.D.                  C. 1227 A.D.                              D. None of these

 347. Memphis, Tennessee is a city where Blues, Gospel, and Rock-n-roll were found. Which river does this city border?

A. Tennessee River                 B. Snake River                        C. Nile River               D. Mississippi

348. The city Paris is home of the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, and many more wonders. The city lies on the Seine River. Which bridge spans across the mouth of this


A. Conflans Sainte Honorine                                                  B. Pont De Normandie

C. Brotonne Bridge                                                                D. Pont Alexander III

349. Sudan observes its Independence Day every year on:

A. January 5                            B. January 4                            C. January 3    D. January 1

350. The Nile River is one of the four noticeably large rivers that flow to north. Which lake supplies the water for this massive river?

A. Lake Tanganyika                B. Lake Tana                           C. Lake Kariba            D. Lake Victoria

351. Australia is a very dry continent/country almost no lake can stay filled the year around. Which is the largest lake in Australia?

A. Lake Eyre                         B. Lake Uluru                         C. Lake Canberra    D. Lake Assal

352. Who was Daniel Ortega?

A. President of Costa Rica                                         B. President of Nicaragua

C. President of Honduras                                           D. President of Panama

353. Which of the following countries is a landlocked country?

A. Uruguay                             B. Pakistan                              C. Uganda                  D. All of them

354. What is the capital of the country Kyrgyzstan?

A. Yangoon                            B. Jakarta                                C. Bishkek                 D. Seoul

355. Anti-tobacco Day is observed on?

A. 17th May                            B. 31st May                            C. 8th May                  D. 12th May

356. C is the Roman numerals for which number

A. 50                                       B. 150                                     C. 100                         D. 1000

357. Duma is the Parliament of

A. Japan                                  B. Italy                                                C. Russia                    D Maldives

358. In Greek Mythology, how many heads did the dog Cerberus has who guarded the entrance to Hades?

A. 2                                         B. 7                                         C. 5                             D. 3

359. Name the Nazi leader known as the Butcher of Lyon

A Klaus Furby                                    B. Klaus Sindy                                    C. Klaus Barbie                     D. Klaus Pokemon

360. What do you call the hybrid offspring of a female tiger and a male lion?

A. Liger                                               B. Ligon                                             C. Tigon                                  D. Ounce

361 Which is the smallest member of the camel family?

A. Alpaca                                B. Guanaco                             C. Vicuna                   D. Llama

362 Salty seas and oceans cover what percentage of the Earth's surface?

A. 30 percent                          B. 50 percent                           C. 70 percent             D. 90 percent

363. Name the crocodile in Disney's 'Peter Pan'?

A. Tick-tack-toe                                  B. Tick tock                           C. Bric-a-brac              D. Ally Gator

364 What was the name of the artist who, recently, painted a controversial portrait of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain?

A. Emma Freud                                  B. Sigmund Freud                  C. Lucian Freud                    D Clement Freud

365 How many legs an adult butterfly has?

A. 6                                         B. 4                                         C. 2                             D. 8

366. Who wrote a massive book titled, "The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire"?

A. Tony Aardvark                   B. Tom Wolf                           C. George Fox            D. Edward Gibbon

367. Which animal hunts penguins by rocking the floating chunks of ice, on which the penguins are resting, so they slip into the sea?

A. Killer Whale                                   B. Leopard seal                                 C. Manatee      D. Blue Whale

368. What does the spiky sea creature called the sea urchin mainly feed on it)?

A. Clownfish                         B. Krill                                                C. Seaweed    D. Sea cucumbers

369. Female mosquitoes live by sucking blood from animals and can pass on the deadly disease malaria. What do male mosquitoes feed on?

A. Ficks                                               B. Blood                                 C. Nectar        D. Aphids

370. Who wrote the book, 'A Tale of a Tub"?

A. P.C Wren                           B. Jonathan Swift                 C. Sheryl Crow                       D. None of these

371. Urine of a diabetes patient contains more than average quality of which of the followings?

A. Sugar                                 B. Uric acid                             C. Urea                                    D. Albumin

372. A form of heart disease in which blood supply to the heart is inadequate is known as

A. Hepatitis                             B. Alopecia                             C. Angina                   D. Pericarditis

373. The contemporary of Shakespeare was

A. Akbar the great                  B. Elizabeth I                          C. Louis XIV              D. All of the above

374. What do you understand by Modus operandi?

A. Way things should operate            B. Appropriate action             C. Way things operate          D. None of these

375. Which Turkish Tribe created Ottoman Empire?

A. Anatolia                             B. Serbia                                 C. Asia Minor             D. Central Asia

376. One nautical mile per hour is equal to

A. 1.5 knots                            B. 1.25 knots                           C. 1.75 Knots              D. 1 knots

377. Headquarter of International Financial Services, London (IFSL) is located in

A. UK                                     B. Canada                               C. USA                                   D. None of these

378. Which of the following is not associated with the UNO?

A. ILO                                                B. WHO                                              C. Security Council     D. ASEAN

379. Who was the first Saudi in space?

A. Rai Shaheryar                     B. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor C. Muhammad Faris   D. Sultan Salman Al Saud

380. Amnesia is related to

A. Sleeping sickness                                                   B. Loss of hearing

C. Loss of sight                                                                       D. Loss of memory

381. Heart attack is caused due to

A. Blood sugar                                                                        B. Cholesterol

C. Blood protein                                                         D. Blood urea

382. Which of the following diseases has posed a serious threat to the world?

A. Tumor                                 B. Paralytic stroke                   C. AIDS                     D. Tuberculosis

383. Who was the first Syrian in space?

A. Muhammad Faris                        B. Sultan Salman Al Saud      C. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor

D. None of the above

384. Ist Asian who got Nobel Prize in economics was

A. Tagore                                B. Amrita Sane                                  C. M. Yunis                D. None of these

385. Which is the longest railway line in the world?

A. Canadian-Pacific Railway                                     B. Trans-Siberian Railway

C. Indian Railway                                                       D. London Railway

386. Planetary winds are those which

A. Change their direction with the change of season

B. Change their direction with day and night

C. Never change their direction

D. Blow up mountain slopes

387. The heavier silicates named as 'Sima' or silica magnesium is most abundant in the

A. Crust                                              B. Core                                                C. Mantle                    D. Ocean floors

388. Which of the following gas is most predominant in the Sun?

A. Helium                               B. Hydrogen                          C. Nitrogen                 D. Ozone

389 Name the first person to sail around the world, discovered the Magellan Strait, reached the Philippines and named the Pacific

A. William Dampier                B. Lord Anson                                    C. Ferdinand Magellan        D. None of these

390. The study of nutrition is called

A. Theriogenology                  B. Theology                            C. Trophology           D. Thremmatology

391. What is the meaning of Propagate?

A. Spread                               B. Accept                                C. Guide                     D. Demure

392. Which is the largest wool-producing country?

A. Australia                           B. India                                               C. Argentina              D. USA

393. In which year was the Nobel Prize instituted?

A. 1896                                               C. 1876                                               B. 1901                                   D. 1900

394. Which country awards the Nobel Prizes except Peace Nobel Prize?

A. America                              B. Sweden                              C. Ireland                    D. England

395. Detroit, USA is associated with


A. Automobile                                   B. Computer                           C. Toys                                    D. Electronic

396. The foreign phrase Coup d'etat means

A. A great work                                  B. Indispensable                     C. Without care                       D. Illegal

397. Which one of the following phenomena occurs when water vapor condenses around a particle of


A. Fog                                     B. Hail                                     C. Mist                                    D. Smog

398. How many pounds are there in one kilogram?

A. 2.3046                                B. 2.2046                                C. 2.1046                    D. 2.2146

399. The "Stonehenge' is among the Seven Wonders of the World situated in

A. England                             B. France                                 C. Italy                                    D. Germany

400. Which of the following countries has/have an unwritten constitution?

A. Israel                                              B. UK                                     C. New Zealand                      D. All of the above

401. NPT was signed on

A. 1" July 1960                                   B. lust July 1965                                 C. 1" July 1968                      D. 1"July 1970

402. Which of the following straits separates Malaysia from Singapore?

A. Dover Strait                                   B. Johor Strait                                   C. Sunda Strait                       D. Palk Strait

403. Agoraphobia is a fear of a

A. Wealth                                B. Water                                  C. Open Places                      D. None of these

404. Which is the deepest ocean in the world?

A. Arctic                                 B. Atlantic                              C. Pacific                    D. Indian

405. What are the two Seas linked by Suez Canal?

A. The Mediterranean and the Red Sea                             B. The Red Sea and the Caspian

C. The Red Sea and the Black Sea                             D. The Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea

406. Belgium is also known as

A Play Ground of Europe                                           B. Venice of North

C. White man's Grave                                                 D. Cockpit of Europe

407. Bundesrat is the parliament of

A. Germany                           B. Diet                                    C. States-General                    D. Cortes

408. The world-famous paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City was painted by

A. Sandro Botticelli                B. Leonardo da Vinci             C. Michelangelo

D. Pietro Perugino

409. "Khalida" is the international Airport of which country?

A. Lebanon                B. Pakistan                              C. Bangladesh                         D. Malaysia

410. What is the name of the news agency of Germany?

A. Belga                                  B. SANA                                C. DPA                                               D. AGI

411. The Winter Olympic Games came into being in

A. 1912                                   B. 1916                                               C. 1920                                               D. 1924

412. Who has the record of highest individual score in limited over (ODI) match?

A. Saeed Anwar         B. Jayasuriya                           C. Rohit Sharma                   D. De Silva

413. Who compiled the first English dictionary?

A. Robert Cawdrey    B. Samuel Johnson                C.R.L. Stevenson                    D. None of these

414. The famous poem “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" is written by

A. William Shakespeare          B. Jane Taylor                                   C. Charles Dickens                 D. William Words worth

415. In which discipline United States holds the record for the maximum number of Nobel Prize awards?

A. Science                   B. Physics                               C. Chemistry   D. Medicine-Physiology

416. AISE is the secret agency of

A. Russia                     B. USA                                               C. Britan                                 D. Italy

417. White Cane Day is observed every year on

A. 15 October             B. 17 October                         C. 19 October                         D. 23 October

418. Northern Rhodesia is the new name of

A. Nigeria                   B. Taiwan                                C. Zambia                              D. None of these

419. Malagasy is the new name of

A. Madagascar                      B. Petrograd                            C. Zaire                                               D. Cape Canaveral

420. Road Safety Day is observed on

A. 1" June                   B. 2nd June                             C. 3rd June                            D. 4th June

421. Headquarter of the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (established in 1967) is located in

A. New York             B. Geneva                               C. Vienna                    D. None of these

422. The First Summit of SAARC was held in 1985 in

A. Dhaka (Bangladesh)        B. Colombo (Sri Lanka)                      C. Kathmandu (Nepal)           D. None of the above

423. When did WHO reported that smallpox has been eradicated worldwide?

A. 1979                                   B. 1965                                               C. 1974                                   D. 1975

424. Olympic Airways is the name of an airline of

A. Greece                   B. Italy                                                C. Austria                    D. Romania

425. The largest Concrete Dam in the world is located in the USA. What is its name?

A. Grand Coulee Dam          B. Tarbela Dam                                   C. Rohunsky Dam      D. None of them

426. Gaza is the famous city of

A. Egypt                     B. Palestine                             C. Jordan                     D. Iran

427. Yasser Arafat remained the President of Palestinian Authority for almost

A. Six years                 B. Nine years                          C. Twelve years         D. Fifteen years

428. Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work on

A. Special theory of relativity                                     B. The general theory of relativity

C. Theory of photoelectric effect                               D. Theory of Brownian motion

429 Name the Persian poet who wrote two popular books i.e Bustan and Gulistan

A. Omer-l-Khayyam   B. Sheikh Saadi                                 C. Firdausi                  D. None of them

430. Napoleon Bonaparte was the King of

A. France                   B. Italy                                                C. England                  D. None of these

431. "Monarchy still exists in

A. Sweden                  B. Thailand                             C. Japan                      D. All of the above

432. "Five Ws" term is used in

A. Press                      B. Politics                                C. Secret                     D. Economics

433. The scientist who shared the Nobel Prize in Physics with his son was

A. Henri Antoine Becquere!   B. Pierre Curie                        C. Louis De Broglie    D. W.H. Bragg

434. Where is the deepest lake Baikal located?     

A. USA                                   B. Netherlands                                    C. Canada                   D. Russia

435. What is its approximate length of the Nile which is the longest river in the world?

A. 6670 km                 B. 6810 km                             C. 6175 km                 D. None of these

436. The biggest planet is

A. Venus                     B. Mars                                               C. Mercury                  D. Jupiter

437. Diego Garcia is an island in

A. Arabian Seas                      B. Bay of Bengal                                C. Indian Ocean                    D. Gulf of Aden

438. Which is the busiest seaport in the world?

A. Singapore seaport                                                            B. Settle seaport

C. Rotterdam Seaport                                                             D. None of the above

439. The world's longest glacier is located in

A. North America       B. Asia                                                C. Antarctica             D. Europe

440. Sumatra Island is under the control of

A. Malaysia                 B. Indonesia                           C. Russia                     D. Japan

441. Which of the following countries got the status of a landlocked country on 28th June 2006?

A. Montenegro                        B. Serbia                                C. San Marino             D. Bolivia

442. A mobile phone sends and receives messages through

A. Sound waves          B. Microwaves                                   C. Ultraviolet waves   D. Radio waves

443.Dr Ahmad Sukarno was the President of

A. Malaysia                 B. Indonesia                           C. Maldives                 D. None of them

444. U Thant, secretary-general of United Nations from 1961-71 belonged to

A. Thailand                 B. Singapore                           C. Burma                   D. Brazil

445. Name the famous astronomer of Iran whom George Sarton attributes 64 scientific books and he also worked as scientific advisor to Halaku Khan

A. Al Biruni                B. Ibn Sina                              C. Ibn Battutah                       D. Nasiruddin Tusi

446. Name the English dramatist and critic, an active socialist who was awarded Nobel Prize for Literature in 1925

A. Sir Walter Scoot     B. TS Elliot Was                     C. George Bernard Shaw     D. Shakespeare

447. The Adventure of Tom Sawyer and The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn are the works of

A. Charles Dickens     B. William Wordsworth                      C. Mark Twin                       D. Ernest Hemingway

448. Which one of the following lakes forms an international boundary between Tanzania and Uganda?

A. Chad                                  B. Victoria                              C. Malawi                   D. Baikal

449. Change in season is caused due to

A. Revolution of earth                                                          B. Rotation of earth

C. Inclination of earth                                                             D. None of these

450. Which is the highest dam in the world with a height of 335 m?

A. Rogun                    B. Ching Ping                         C. Nurek                    D. Inguri

451. Headquarter of United Nations Environment Programme is located in

A. New York              B. Geneva                               C. Nairobi                  D. None of these

Ppsc Mcqs Part 1 MCQs # 1-250 Click here

452. The foreign phrase Coup d'essai means

A. A first attempt      B. An affair of the heart                     C. Without limit                      D. None of these

453. The record of the highest individual score 400 in test cricket in one innings is held by

A. ST Jaysuria             B. D G Bradman                                 C. Hayden                   D. Brain Lara

454. Who is called Mussolini of Egypt?

A. King Faroog                       B. Anwar Saddat                    C. King Nasser                      D. Mozart Nake

455. Name the scientist who discovered that the germs of malaria were spread by mosquitoes

A. Rober Koch                        B. Jeans Jacques Rousseau  C. Peter Muller                        D. Frank Whittle

456. Which of the following minerals is used in the cement industry and plaster of Paris?

A. Marble                    B. China Clay                         C. Fire clay                  D. Gypsum

457. US Dollar Index is the trade-weighted index of how many currencies?

A.Five                         B. Six                                      C. Seven                      D. Eight

458. Name the strait which separates Italy from Sicily

A. Palk Strait              B. Sunda Strait                                   C. Messina Strait       D. Northumberland Strait

459 Who wrote the famous novel "Oliver Twist"?

A. Rhomas Hardy       B. Rudyard Kipling                C. Charles Dickens   D. Rider Haggard

460. The term "Oligarchy" means

A. Rule of feudal        B. Rule by small group                     C. Rule of tyrants       D. Presidential rule

461. Which is the national bird of Pakistan?

A. Peacock                  B. Pigeon                                C. Falcon                     D. Chakor

462. In IT what does HTML stand for?

A. High Tech Meaningful Language                          B. Hyper Text Meaningful Language

C. High Tech markup Language                                             D. Hyper Text Markup Language

463 In IT, URL is an abbreviation of

A. Universal Resource Locator                                               B. Uniform Resource locator

C. Universal Resource Location                                             D. Uniform Resource Location

464. The headquarter of Economic Cooperation Organization is located in

A. Islamabad               B. Ankara                                C. Istanbul                  D. Tehran

465. Sun rises in the East and sets in the west due to the

A. Shape of the Earth                                     B. Rotation of Earth on its axis

C. Revolution of Earth around Sun                D. Movement of the sun

466. "The Last Supper" is the famous painting of

A. Michelangelo          B. Rembrandt                         C. Leonardo da Vinci           D. Vincent Van Gogh

467. The first Woman Prime Minister in the World was

A. Margret Thatcher   B. Golda Meir                         C. Indira Gandhi                     D. Srimavo Bandaranaike

468. Who said "Right is a reasonable claim recognized by the society and enforced by state"?

A. Laski                                  B. Bosanquet                         C. Green                      D. Marx

469. How many official languages are used in the OIC?

A. 3                             B. 2                                         C. 4                             D. 5

470. D-8 is an organization of

A. Industrialized countries                 B. Developing countries        C. East-Asian Countries

D. African countries

471. The currency of Indonesia is

A. Rupiah                  B. Dinar                                              C. Ringgit                   D. Baht

472. Which is the capital of Canada?

A. Toronto                  B. Ottawa                               C. Vancouver              D. Manitoba

473. AFP is the news agency of which country?

A. Panama                   B. France                               C. Argentina               D. Australia

474. The first human heart transplant was conducted by Dr. Christian Barnard in

A. USA                                   B. France                                 C. Cuba                                   D. South Africa

475. To which province did Hussain Shaheed Suhrwardy belong?

A. Sind                                    B. Punjab                                C. East Pakistan        D. Baluchistan

476. When did Pakistan disassociate itself from the Commonwealth?

A. 1989                                   B. 1978                                               C. 1992                                   D. 1972

477. What is the retirement age of a Judge of the Supreme Court?

A. 63                           B. 65                                       C. 67                           D. 60

478. The "Zero Sum Game" as employed by the supporters of "game theory" assumes that

A. The loss of one party is the gain of the other party

B. The loss of one party is the loss of the other party as well

C. The gain of one party is the gain of the other party

D. The gain or loss of one party has nothing to do with the gain or loss of the other party

479. When, for the first time in the world was a human heart transplant conducted?

A. 1967                                   B. 1969                                               C. 1975                                   D. 1970

480. Who was the first Secretary-General of the United Nations?

A. Trygve Lie                        B. U Thant                              C. Kurt Waldheim      D. Dag Hammarskjold

481. For galvanizing the iron which of the following metals is used?

A. Aluminum              B. Copper                                C. lead                         D. Zinc

482. ESCAP stands for

A. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and pacific

B. European Social Council for Africa and Pacific

C. Economic and Social Council for Africa and Pacific

D. None of these

483. Firdausi was

A. A Mughal Princess B. An Iranian Novelist                        C. A Persian Poet      D. None of these

484. East Timor, which became the 191" Member of the United Nations, is in the continent of

A. Asia                                    B. South America                   C. Africa                     D. Europe

485. Which of the following continents is the smallest in terms of landmass?

A. Asia                                    B. Australia                            C. Europe                    D. Africa

486. Sri Lanka was formerly known as

A. Seychelles              B. Triple                                  C. Serendip                 D. Ceylon

487. Circumference of the Earth is around

A 20000 km                B. 30000 km                           C. 40000 km               D. 50000 km

488. Name the capital of Kazakhstan

A. Tashkent                 B. Almaty                               C. Astana                   D. Bishkek

489. In which country the National League for Democracy led by Aung San Suu Kyi has recently won a landslide victory in elections?

А. Cambodia               B. Laos                                                C. Vietnam                  D. Myanmar

490. Who is the President of Uzbekistan?  

A. Rahmanov Imomali            B. Islam karimov                     C. Nurstan Nazarbeav          D. Asker Abayev

491. Tolstoy was the author of the famous novel

A. Idiot                                   B. For Whom The Bell Tolls   C. Dark Continent      D. War and Peace

492. In which country was the first Truth and Reconciliation Commission established?

A. USA                                   B. India                                               C. Brazil                                  D. South Africa

493. On which day is the Human Rights Day observed?

A. 17 October             B. 10 December                     C. 10 January              D.  25 July

494. Which book of Ibn-e-Khuldoon made him famous?

A. Muqaddamab       B. Kitab-ul-Futuh                   C. Mujam-al-Baldan   D. None of these

495. "Scotland Yard" is a Police Department of

A. USA                                   B. United Kingdom               C. Scotland                 D. New Zealand

496. Mossad is the secret intelligence agency of

A. Russia                     B. Israel                                  C. Iran                         D. Canada

497. European Union has.........members.

A. 25                           B. 27                                       C. 15                           D. 28

498. Which of the following heavyweight boxers was the first to remain undefeated throughout his career?

A. Rocky Marciano     B. Muhammad Ali                C Larry Holmes                      D. Michael Spinks

499. Who won the recently concluded Rugby World Cup?

A. Australia                 B. South Africa                                   C. New Zealand         D. Ireland

500. In which city is the headquarters of "Interpol" located?

A. Vienna                    B. New York                          C. London                   D. Paris

501. Pakistan, recently, lost an important election to a United Nations body Please identify the name of the UN body?

A. Economic and Social Council        B. Security Council     C. Human Rights Council    D. None of these

502. Where is the office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights located?

A. New York                          В. Vienna                    C. Geneva                              D. Berlin

503. Who is the present Chairman /Chairperson of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan?

A. Asma Jahangir                    B. LA Rehman                        C.  Ansar Burney                    D. Zohra Yousaf

504. When was the Universal Declaration on Human Rights adopted by the United Nations?

A. 10 Dec 1949                                   B. 30 Nov 1948                      C. 10 Dec 1948                                   D. 25 March 1950

505. Name the President of Syria

A. Haif Al Assad                                B. Babar Al Assad      C. Bashar Al Assad               D. None of these

506. The South East Asian country Myanmar was previously known by the name

A. Siam                                               B. Yangon                   C. Burma                               D. Cambodia

507. Houbara Bustard is one of the migratory birds, which is on the endangered list. What is it called locally?

A. Tiloor                                 B. Chakor                    C. Koonj                                 D. Baaz

508. Abu Bakr-al-Baghdadi is the self-styled leader of

A. Al Qaeda                            B. Hezbollah               C. Shabab -e. Milli                  D. DAESH

509. The agenda for environmental protection was defined at the landmark UN Summit Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. In which year was the Summit held?

А. 1990                                               B. 1992                                   C. 1997                                               D. 1999

510. The headquarters of OPCW (Organization for the prohibition of Chemical Weapons) is located in

A. New York                          B. Geneva                   C. The Hague                                    D. Vienna

511. Which one of the following Greenhouse gases has the greatest warming effect?

A. Carbon dioxide                 B. Carbon monoxide   C. Methane                             D. Helium

512. Which of the following countries is not a member of BRICS (Association of newly emerging economies)?

A. Brazil                                              B. Canada                  C. Russia                                 D. India

513. 6-77 (Group of 77) is a group of countries classified as

A. Middle-income countries                                       B. Developing countries

C. Least Developed countries                                     D. Industrialized countries

514. The headquarters of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is in

А. Geneva                               B. Vienna                   C. The Hague                          D. Berlin

Ppsc Mcqs Part 1 MCQs # 1-250 Click here


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