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Ppsc Mcqs Part 1 | Ppsc General Knowledge Mcqs | Pdf 2021 General Knowledge Mcqs For Ppsc

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Ppsc Mcqs Part 1 | Ppsc General Knowledge Mcqs | Pdf 2021  General Knowledge Mcqs For Ppsc

PPSC MCQs | Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Test with Answers for PPSC Test (Objective Type Questions Test Preparation Material). PPSC MCQS  is one stop solution for PPSC/PCS/PMS exam test preparation and Jobs 2021. 


Subject: General Knowledge:

 1. The capital of Cyprus is:

A. Alexandria                     B. Nicosia              C. Famagusta                 D. Limassol

2. What day is observed internationally on 5th October?

A. Women's Day               B. World Health Day  C. Teacher Day          D. Human Rights Day

3. The Earth's smallest Ocean is:

A. Atlantic                        B. Arctic                       C. Indian                   D. Pacific

4. Which of the following organizations was established in the year 1919?

A. United Nations     B. League of Nations    C. NATO    D. SEATO

5. Which country's flag is known as Union Jack?

A. France                   B. Netherlands            C. U.K           D. Portugal

6. What type of acid is used in car batteries?

A. Hydro Chloric Acid  B. Sulphuric Acid   C. Mercury    D. Nitric Acid

7. The average weight (in ounces) of a man's brain is:

A. 6.8                     B. 4.8                                C. 5.8            D. 3.8

8. By which organ does a snake hear?

A. Eyes                  B. Tail                                C. Ear            D. Tongue

9. The most populous Islamic country of the world is:

A. Iran                    B. Saudi Arabia                C. Pakistan    D. Indonesia

10. Arab League  was established in March 1945 with headquarters in:

A. Cairo                B. Riyadh                        C. Baghdad        D. Sudan

11. The length of the Suez Canal in Kilometers is:

A. 236                    B. 210                            C. 184                D. 169

12. When was IMF established?

A. 1945                    B. 1948                        C. 1949                D. 1950

13. OPEC has its headquarters in:

A. Lusaka                B. Tripoli                      C. Syria                 D. Vienna

14. The first Republican president of the United States of America was:

A. George Washington                                 B. Abraham Lincoln

C. John Adams                                             D. George Bush

15. ‘Emirates' is an airline of:

A. Iraq                    B. Iran                            C. Dubai (UAE)     D. Turkey

16. One square foot is equal to 144sq inches and one meter is equal to:

A. 5.28 foot            B. 4.23 foot                    C. 3.28 foot            D. 2.28 foot

17. How many bones are there in the human body?

A. 180                    B. 198                                C. 206                   D. 210

18. Light year is a unit of measurement of:

A. Speed of light    B. Stellar distances            C. Speed of Rockets     D. Speed of airplane

19. A handwritten message can instantly be transmitted as such to any part of the world through:

A. Speed post           B. Telex                            C. Telephone                  D. Fax

20. The conversion of electrical energy into chemical energy is observed in:

A. Fan                        B. Storage Battery            C. Heater                       D. Incandescent bulb

21. Distant objects can be seen with the help of:

A. Chronometer             B. Microscope            C. Telescope            D. Spectroscope

22. The best color(s) for a sun umbrella will be:

A. Black                                                        B. Black on top and white on the inside

C. White on top and black on the inside     D. All seven Colors of Rainbow

23. Name the general, who was defeated in the renowned battle of “Waterloo" in 1815:

A. Adolf Hitler            B. Napoleon Bonaparte            C. Rommel            D. Hindenburg

24. The Magna Carta was signed by King John on:

A. 15th June 1216          B. 15th June 1215                C. 15th June 1214         D. 15th June 1213

25. Thomas Cup is associated with the game of:

A. Table tennis            B. Basket Ball            C. Badminton            D. Lawn tennis

26. Pentagon is Defense head office of:

A. USA                        B. UK                          C. USSR                    D. France

27............was called the 'Sick Man of Europe:

A. Turkey                    B. Japan                        C. Germany                D. France

28. The normal pulse beat in a human body per minute is between:

A. 62-70                    B. 72-80                        C. 75-85                        D. 80-92

29. World Environment Day is observed on:

A. 5th June                B. 5th July                    C. 5th August                D. 5th September

30. The name of the Parliament of Bangladesh is:

A. National Assembly         B. Shura                C. Congress                D. Jatiya Sangsad

31. Who was the last president of USSR?

A. Boris Yeltsin            B. Gorbachev            C. L.I. Brezhnev             D. Chemenko

32. China celebrates its National Day every year on:

A. 5th October                B. October                C. 1 October                D. 2nd October

33. Name the book of Hillary Clinton released in 2014:

A. Living History            B. It takes a village     C. Hard Choices         D. A Terrible Beauty

34. Al-Azhar University is located in:

A. Egypt                            B. Turkey                    C. Iraq                        D. Jordan

35. Identify the name of the founder of Wikileaks?

A. Henry Kissinger            B. Julian Assange        C. Robert Gates3        D. Albert White

36. The highest literacy rate among the SAARC countries is in:

A. India                                B. Sri Lanka                C. Pakistan                 D. Maldives

37. Boundary between India and China is called:

A. McMohan Line             B. 17th Parallel Line        C. Curzon Line        D. Green Line

38. The headquarters of NATO is located in:

A. New York                        B. Paris                            C. Geneva                D. Brussels

39. Who said democracy is "Government of the people, by the people, for the people"?

A. George Washington         B. Abraham Lincoln        C. Johnson                D. Henry Hudson

40. OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) was founded on:

A. 25th September 1966                                                    B. 25ch September 1967

C. 25th September 1969                                                    D. 25 September 1970

41. Amman is the capital of:

A. Jordan                        B. Yemen                                  C. Bahrain                D. Qatar

42. The currency of Turkey is:

A. Lira                            B. Markka                                 C. Peso                       D. Pound

43. Which country is called 'Land of Mountains'?

A. Nepal                        B. Mongolia                                C. Japan                    D. Indonesia

44. Second largest religion of the world is:

A. Islam                        B. Buddhism                                  C. Judaism                D. Hinduism

45. 10-Downing Street' is famous for

A. Banking                                                                                    B. Night Clubs               

  C. The official residence of British Prime Minister                D. Tailoring and Jewelry

46. The busiest airport in the world is situated in:            

A. Cuba                        B. USA                                C. Canada                        D. U.K

47. Herbert Simon identified four basic motivations of subordinates to accept the will of the superior. Which one of the following is not one of them?

A. Rewards and Sanctions                                     B. Social disapproval

C. Legitimacy                                                        D. Subordinates confidence in superior's ability

48. Which military award is given by Britain?

A. Queen Cross                 B. Medal of Honor                        C. Iron Cross            D. Victoria Cross

49. On which date, Labour Day is celebrated?

A. May 1st                        B. November 20th                        C. May 3rd                D. March 8th

50. NATO is the abbreviation of:

A. North American Transport Ordinance                    B. Non-Aligned Trading Organization

C. North Atlantic Treaty Organization                     D. Non-Allied Treat Organization

51. A set of investments in the stock market is called:

A. Portfolio                    B. Estimation            C. Asset            D. Security

52. World Bank Headquarter is situated in

A. New York                    B. England            C. Washington     D. Manila

53. Where was the first atom bomb used during the Second World War?

A. Osaka                        B. Tokyo                  C. Hiroshima        D. Nagasaki

54. United Nations officially came into existence on

A. 4October 1945                                     B. 14 October 1945

C. 24 October 1945                                  D. 30 October 1945

55. 'Cathay Pacific' is the airline of

A. Italy                    B. Hong Kong            C. India            D. France

56. The currency of Syria is

A. Dollar               B. Guilder                C. Pound            D. Peso

57. Maslow's Needs Hierarchy" theory relates to

A. Motivation                   B. Leadership        C. Communication             D. Upward mobility

58. "Naples" is the seaport of

A. United States            B. Italy                C. Norway                            D. England

59. The capital of Sweden is

A. Stockholm                     B. Tallinn            C. Oslo                                D. Christiania

60. BSS' is the news agency of

A. Bangladesh                 B. Belarus            C. Britan                                D. Brunei

61. Name of the parliament in Norway is

A. Storting                       B. National Assembly    C. Congress                D. Senate

62. Durand agreement was concluded between British India and Afghan Ameer

A. Abdur Rehman Khan                                B. Abdul Khaliq

C. Sharif Khan                                               D. Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan

64. After the Nile, which is the second-longest river in the world?

A. Amazon                        B. Mississippi            C. Indus                    D. Kabul

65. What is the cause of dengue fever?

A. Plasmodium                 B. Virus                        C. Bacteria             D. Both A & B

66. It May is observed all over the world as Labour Day in honor of the working people of

A. Moscow                        B. Beijing                    C. Japan                  D. Cairo

67. Who said, "Man is by nature a political animal"?

A. Winston Churchill             B. Karl Marx        C. Aristotle            D. Francis Bacon

68. Ramsar Convention provides a framework for national action, international cooperation for the conservation, and wise use of wetlands. The Convention was adopted in 1971 in Ramsar, which is a city located in

A. Iran                          B. Egypt                        C. Morocco                D. Tunisia

69. Water makes...............of our blood.

A. 95%                        B. 94%                            C. 93%                    D. 92%

70. Which of the following is a land-locked country?

A. Spain                    B. Sudan                    C. Poland                    D. None of these

71. Baku is the seaport on

A. Black Sea            B. Mediterranean Sea        C. Caspian Sea      D. Red Sea

72. Which of the following is the largest country of South America?

A  Argentina            B. Colombia                    C. Brazil                    D Chile

73. World population is expected to reach the mark of..........by the year 2025

A. 10 billion             B. 8 billion                    C. 9 billion                    D. 11 billion

74. Which of the following is the largest wool-producing country in the world?

A. Holland                    B. Australia                  C. Sri Lanka                D. India

75. Mirage is an example of

A Refraction of Light                                B. Reflection of Light        

C. Deviation of Light                                D. Polarization of Light

76. The British Parliament is

A. Bi-Cameral                B. Unicameral            C. Tri-Cameral            D. None of these

77. Planet closest to the Earth is

A. Mars                          B. Neptune                C. Venus                      D. Mercury

78. The term "Butterfly Stroke" is associated with

A. Swimming                B. Wrestling                C. Boxing                      D. Judo

79. A stretch of land surrounded by water on all sides is known as

A. Strait                        B. Peninsula                C. Island                        D. Delta

80. Which animal is unable to stick out its tongue

A. Tortoise                    B. Hungal                    C. Crocodile                    D. None of these

81. What is the old name of "Oslo". the capital city of Norway?

A. Norwania                B. Loro Sae                C. Christiania                    D. Atlantica

82. The term that best describes the shape of the earth

A. Eclipse                        B. Geoid                    C.Globe                            D.Sphere

83. The Second Summit of the OIC was held in the year

A. 1970                          B. 1973                        C. 1971                            D. 1974

84. Which of the following countries has the largest area in the world?

A Canada                        B. Russia                    C. US                            D. China

85. Which of the following continents has the lowest population growth rate?

A. Europe                    B. North America            C. Africa                        D. Asia

86. Horticulture is the:

A. Cultivation of flowers and fruits                    B. Growing of small plants

C. Cultivation of spices                                    D. Growing of bushes

87. "Facebook" is one of the most popular social networking services. When was it launched?

A. 1998                        B. 2000                        C. 2003                        D. 2004

88. "Dasht-e-Lut" desert is located in:

A. China                        B. Libya                        C. Iraq                        D. Iran

89. A country that has no coastline is called

A. Balkan Country                                        B. Landlocked Country

C. Protectorate Country                                D. Buffer State

90. Which of the following mountains separate Asia from Europe?

A. the Ural Mountains                            B. Hindu Kush Mountains

C. Alps Mountains                                    D Atlas Mountains

91. Day and night changes due to:

A. Earth's revolution                            B. Earth's rotation accompanied by its revolution

C. Earth's rotation around its axis        D. None of these

92. The energy generation in stars is due to

A. Fission of heavy nuclei                B. Fusion of light nuclei

C. Fusion of heavy nuclei                 D. None of these

93. Formosa is the old name of

A. Cambodia                            B. Rhodesia                C. Taiwan            D. Bangkok

94. India tested its first nuclear device on

A. 15 May 1972                                     B. 18 May 1974

C. 11 May 1998                                     D. 20 May 1999

95. Johann Gutenberg is known for his invention of

A. Printing Press                         B. Telescope            C. Air pump            D. Steam turbine

96. London is situated on the bank of the river

A. Delaware                                B. Nile River            C. Thames            D. None of these

97. The largest ocean in the world is:

A. the Indian Ocean                    B. Arctic Ocean        C. Pacific Ocean     D. None of these

98. Which of the following Sea separates Asia from Africa?

A. the Arabian Sea                    B. Yellow Sea            C. Red Sea                D. None of these

99. HDI (Human Development Index) as an indicator of the well-being of a country, was the brainchild of

A. Amartya Sen                                                    B. Javier Pere de Guellar

C. Adam smith                                                     D. Mahbub-ul-Haq

100. What is the function of the heart Pacemaker?

A. It decreases the heartbeat                            B. It regulates the heartbeat

C. It increases the heartbeat                              D. It accelerates blood supply to the heart

101. The smallest country in Central Asia is:

A. Tajikistan                                B. Kazakhstan        C. Uzbekistan            D. Turkmenistan

102. Who advocated the theory of laissez-faire?

A. Marshall                                B. Malthus                C. Adam Smith            D. None of these

103. Which of the following countries has the largest number of Airports?

A. India                                    B. UK                        C. China                    D. USA

104. "Easy Jet" is the airline of:

A. UK                                        B. Malaysia            C. Spain                      D. Turkey

105. The name United Nations was coined by:

A. Stalin                                    B. F.D. Roosevelt        C. Winston Churchill 

D. Austin Mills

106. Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) was established in:

A. 1967                                    B. 1969                  C. 1971                    D. 1973

107. The filament of an electric bulb is made of:

A. Carbon                                B. Iron                    C. Tungsten            D. None of these

108. When the stock market is going down, it is called:

A. Bullish                            B. Crashing                  C. Slumberous        D. Bearish

109. Fiber Optics technology is being used in:

A. Telecommunication               B. Electrical power control and distribution monitoring system

C. Oil and gas pipelines control and monitoring system        D. All of the above

110. "Diego Garcia" is a Naval Base of the United States in:

A. Pacific Ocean                         B. Arctic Ocean            C. Indian Ocean    D. Atlantic Ocean

111. A condominium is:

A. A state of chaos                                B. A state enjoying dominion status

C. A state with a federal form of government

D. A particular territory over which joint dominion is exercised by two or more external powers.

112. A vassal state is:

A. One which is completely under the suzerainty of another state

B. A protectorate                        C. A state which is a member of the commonwealth

D. None of the above

113. Pinpoint the World's oldest democratic country:

A. Unites States                     B. Great Britain                C. Greece            D. France

114. In how many countries Pakistan's forces are currently serving, under UN peacekeeping missions?

A. Four                                    B. Five                        C. Six                    D. Seven

115. Identify the wrong statement

A. Pancreas secretes insulin                B. Mammary glands secrete milk

C. Lacrimal glands secrete saliva        D. Liver secretes bile

116. Which vitamin protects the skin of the human body?

A. A                                        B. B complex                C. C                        D. D

117. The solar system consists of:

A. Eight Planets                     B. Nine Planets            C. Ten Planets        D. Eleven Planets

118. What is "Scotland Yard"?

A. Royal family's graveyard in England    B. British Criminal Investigation Department

C. A palace of British Queen in Scotland    D. A museum of natural history in the U.K.

119. "Digital Computer" was invented by:

A. Vannevar Bush                     B. John Harrison        C. Charles Babbage    D. Howard Aiken

120. Which of the following continents has no desert?

A. Australia                                В. North America        C. South America         D. Europe

121.  "The Bay of Biscay" is situated between:

A. France and Spain                B. Sweden and Finland

C. Italy and Greece                   D. Estonia and Latvia

122. The World's smallest state by area is.

A. Monaco                                B. San Marino                C. Vatican City             D. Nauru

123. Which city is the oldest inhabited capital in the world?

A. Cairo                                    B. Damascus                  C. Athens                    D. Tehran

124. 'Temple Trees is an official residence of the

A. King of Nepal                                                 B. King of Bhutan        

C. President of Maldives                                    D. Prime Minister of Sri Lanka

125. The famous oil painting "Mona Lisa" is the creation of

A. Leonardo da Vinci                                         B. Pablo Picasso

C. Florence Nightingale                                     D. None of these

126. "Trans World Airways" is an airline of

A. UK                                    B. France                        C. USA                            D. Russia

127. The parliament of which of the following countries is called 'Cortes?

A. Canada                            B. Norway                        D. Germany                    C. Spain

128. The first international organization was

A. United Nations                                                B. Commonwealth Organization

C. League of Nations                                            D. None of these

129. Three Persian Gulf islands, Abu Musa, the Greater and Lesser Tunbs, are disputed between:

A. Iran and Iraq                                                 B. Iran and U.A.E.

C. Iraq and Kuwait                                             D. Qatar and Bahrain

130. Which of the following countries first introduced the paper currency in the world?

A. US                                        B. Greece                    C. China                D. France

131. The world's largest copper producer is

A. China                                    B. Chile                        C. Brazil                D. Russia

132. The earth's rotation on its axis is from

A. South to North                       B. North to South        C. East to West        D. West to East

133. "Lion" is the national emblem of:

A. Sri Lanka                                B. Norway                   C. Belgium                D. All of these

134. The game of "Hockey' was originated from:

A. Pakistan                                B. England                    C. Australia               D. Greece

135. What is "Jingoism"?

A. Political philosophy of State Control overall means of production

B. Injustice was done to the poor segment of society

C. Extreme nationalism and patriotism            D. Promotion of peace in the world

136. "Dosimeter" is a device used to measure:

A. Nuclear radiation for safety purposes

B. The speed of wind or any other gas

C. Heat radiation                                            D. High temperatures

137. What do you understand by the disease "Insomnia"?

A. Inability to sleep                     B. Colour blindness            C. Depression    D. None of these

138. A doctor specializing in skin diseases is called:

A. Cardiologist                             B. Endocrinologist         C. Dermatologist   D. None of these

139. "Ornithology" is the study of

A. Birds                                     B. Insect                        C. Sea animals            D. Sea plants

140. The world's most populous city is

A. Mexico City                         B. Beijing                        C. New York                D. Tokyo

141. The longest-reigning monarch of the present world is 

A. The King of Japan                                                B. The King of Bhutan

C. The King of Thailand                                            D. The King of Sweden

142. What do you understand by "Choreography

A. The study of the universe                        B. The study of secret writing

C. Techniques used in space traveling

D. The steps and movement in dances

143. "Order of the Rising Sun" is the highest military award of

A. Japan                                    B. USA                    C. Norway            D.U.K.

144. Which country's economic growth rate is the fastest at present?

A. Argentina                               B. China                C. India                  D. Chile

145. "A Tale of Two Cities" is a famous novel of

A. Charles Dickens                 B. Leo Tolstoy        C. D.H. Lawrence     D. None of these

146. The newly designated Secretary-General of Organization of Islamic Conference Youssef Ahmed Al Othaimeen belongs to:

A. Saudi Arabia                         B. Egypt                C. Qatar                    D. UAE

147. Name the current Secretary of State of the United States of American

A. Hillary Clinton                                     B. Rex W. Tillerson

C. Leon Panetta                                     D. None of these

148. "Taipei" is the capital of

A North Korea                                B. Cambodia            C. South Korea            D. Taiwan

149. Eiffel Tower is located in

A. London.                                     B. Paris                     C. New York                D. Rome

150. The maximum number of women received Nobel Prize in the category of

A. Peace                                    B. Medicine                    C. Literature              D. Physics

151. Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) was started in

A. 1979                                       B. 1980                           C. 1982                        D. 1961

152. The Headquarters of the International Labour Organization (ILO) is located in:

A. Geneva                                B. Paris                            C. New York                D. Rome

153. The theory of 'Clash of Civilization' was presented by:

A. Francis Fukuyama            B. Michael W. Doyle             C. Fouad Ajmi            D. Samuel P. Huntington

154. Which of the following gases is mainly causing global warming?

A. Nitrogen                               B. Methane                        C. Carbon dioxide        D. Hydrogen

155. "Anemia" is a

A. Respiratory disease                                           B. Nervous disorder            

C. Brain disease                                                    D. Bloodlessness

156. The world's largest natural gas deposits are in

A.US                                        B. Russia                            C. China                        D. Brazil

157. "Petra" is the news agency of

A. Poland                            B. Syria                        C. Jordan                        D. Qatar

158. Britain's secret intelligence service is called

A. Mossad                            B. KGB                        C. BIA                             D. M  I6

159. In chronological order, which of the following personalities comes first?

A. Plato                                B. Aristotle                    C. Socrates                D. Epicurus

160. Israel snatched "Golan Heights' in 1967 from

A. Egypt                              B. Lebanon                    C. Jordan                    D. Syria

161. "Alexandria" is the seaport of

A. Greece                            B. Iraq                            C. Syria                        D. Egypt

162. The largest among the followings is

A. Galaxy                            B. The Earth                    C. The Sun        D. A Solar System

163. The world's oldest national anthem is of

A. China                                B. Iran                            C. Greece            D. Japan

164. Which of the following International Organization has no headquarters?

A. GCC                                B. OAU                            C. G-8                    D. D-8

165. The world's oldest written language is

A. Chinese                        B. Japanese                                  

C. Cambodian                    D. Latin

166. The world's largest mammal is

A. Tiger                            B. Camel                        C. Giraffe                D. Whale

167. Freetown is the capital of

A. Sierra Leone               B. Senegal                    C. Rwanda            D. Uganda

168. Which one of the following is not the official language of the United Nations?

A. Spanish                        B. Arabic                        C. German            D. Russian

169. "Kwacha" is the currency unit of

A. Zambia                        B. Peru                           C. Cuba                D. Chad

170. The world's first international airline that operated its first flight on May 17 1920 was

A. KLM (Netherlands)     B. Aeroflot (Russia)        C. Lufthansa ( Germany) 

D. Delta (USA)

171. Among the SAARC countries, the smallest by area and population is

A. Bhutan                        B. Nepal                        C. Maldives            D. Sri Lanka

172. After the US, the largest numbers of atomic reactors are in

A. Russia                        B. UK                            C. Japan                D. France

173. May 31, is observed throughout the world as:

A. Environment Day                         B. Human Rights Day

C. Press Freedom Day                     D. No Smoking Day

174. The world's largest wool-producing country is

A. China                            B. Russia        C. Australia                D. South Africa

175. Serena Williams is a famous player of

A. Basket Bal                B. Tennis                C. Athletics                   D. Badminton

176. Senkaku Island is disputed between

A. China and Japan                                B. China and South Korea

C. Japan and South Korea                        D. Russia and Japan

177. The capital of Chile is

A. Santiago                        B. Tianjin                C. N'd Jamena            D. Yaounde

178. Headquarter of the World Health Organization is located in

A. Geneva                            B. Vienna                C. Pairs                D. None of these

179. Pisa Tower is located in

A. Germany      B. Italy           C. France             D. Paris

180. Hezbollah, an Islamic party of Lebanon was established in

A. 1978       B. 1980       C. 1982       D. 1987

181. The capital of Cyprus is

A. Nicosia            B. Stingily             C. Aeolia              D. None of these

182. Headquarter of Food and Agriculture Organization (established in 1945) is located in

A. Rome               B. Geneva            C. Vienna             D. None of these

183. The Strait of Bosporus connects

A. Black Sea and the Red Sea                   B. Black Sea and Baltic Sea

C. Black Sea and Sea of Marmara          D. None of these

184. Damascus is situated on the bank of the river

A. Rhine River               B. Nile River         C. Barada River  D. None of these

185. Paris is situated on the bank of river

A. Seine River     B. Spree River     C. Rhine River     D. None of these

186. The foreign phrase De facto means

A. Rightful   B. In fact    C. Argument against      D. None of these

187. Mt. Ararat is the highest peak of

A. Britain              B. North Korea               C. Turkey            D. Chile

188. Dome of Rock is located in

A. Jerusalem      B. Lebanon                    C. Jordan             D. Iraq

189. Abyssinia is the old name of which of the following countries?

A. Malaya             B. Rhodesia         C. Ethiopia          D. Ceylon

190. Which of the following is the old name of Ankara?

A. Ottawa             B. Avon                C. Elbe       D. Angora

191. Who is the founder of Taoism?

A. Lun Yu             B. Tao-te-Cheng          C. Lao-tse            D. Hung Fe

192. Bhutan is known as

A. Land of rivers                               B. Land of the pagoda

C. Land of the flying fish                   D. Land of thunderbolt

193. In 2011, the Arab Spring Started from which country?

A. Egypt               B. Libya                C. Yaman             D. Tunisia

194. Which of the following countries is known as "Mistress of Seas"?

A. USA                 B. Ireland             C. UK                   D. Russia

195. Which country won the first World Cup Hockey?

A. Sri Lanka         B. West Indies      C. Australia          D. Pakistan

196. Writ of Habeas-Corpus means that

A. You have the body to submit or answer     B. Mandatory relief remit

C. A wrongdoer                                                    D. None of these

197. "AGI is the news agency of

A. India                B. Germany                   C. South Africa              D. Italy

198. Which is the biggest company of computer software in the world?

A. Google             B. Yahoo                        C. Microsoft                  D. MSN

199. Which book is entitled as "Bible of Communism

A. Affluent Society                                      B. War and Peace

C. Das Kapital                                           D. Gulag Archipelago

200. The author of the book 'A Brief History of Time IS

A.Carl Sagan                 B. John Schwarz           С. Michael Green

D. Stephen Hawking

201. The autobiography Living History has been authored by

A. Margaret Atwood       B. Benazir Bhutto          C. Hilary Clinton 

D. Monica Lewinsky

202. 'TAPI.........an accord signed in 2010, relates to:

A. Oil                    B. Gas                 C. Telecom          D. Fertilizer

203. Azerbaijan' is located in:

A. the Middle East         B. Central Asia   C. Latin America            D. Western Europe

204. Headquarter of the World Meteorological Organization is located in

A. Geneva                     B. Paris                C. Vienna                       D. None of these

205. In which city, the headquarters of the EU is located?

A. Paris                          B. Brussels         C. London                      D. Rome

206. Which is the longest mountain range in the world?

A. Himalayas                 B. Andes             C. Rockies                     D. Alps

207. The first successful expedition to the Mount Everest was made in

A. 1962                          B. 1965                C. 1968                          D. 1953

208. Which place is called the 'Land of the Rising Sun'?

A. Japan                       B. Norway            C. Ireland             D. Thailand

209. Which country is called 'Switzerland of Africa'?

A. Somalia                     B. South Africa     C. Swaziland       D. Congo

210. FCPS stands for

A. Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons

B. Fellow of the Russian College of Physicians and Surgeons

C. Fellow of the Royal Community of Physicians and Surgeons

D. Fellow of the Royal College of Physics and Surgeons

211. Which day is observed as World Day for water?

A 15 March          B. 20 March                   C. 18 March         D. 22 March

212. In which mountain range is Sachen glacier located

A. Himalaya         B. Karakorum               C. Hindu Kush      D. Sulaiman

213. Neil Alden Armstrong, an American was the first man to set foot on the moon in the year

A. 1969                B. 1965                          C. 1964                D. 1968

214. Name the first man to walk in space in 1965        

A Yuri Gagarin     B. Neil Armstrong          C. Alexei Leonov         D. Tereshkova

215. One nautical mile is equal to how many kilometers?

A. 1.614               B. 1921                          C. 1.853                         D. 1.756

216. The pharaohs of Alexandria is located in

A. Germany          B. Italy                           C. France                       D. Egypt

217m German attack on Poland was the immediate cause of

A. World War I     B. World War II             C. Cold War         D. None of these

218. Dublin is situated on the bank of the river

A. Nile River                   B. Rhine River      C. Liffey River     D. None of these

219. The foreign phrase Debut means

A. Way a person goes to work          B. First appearance as a performer

C. First and the last appearance as a performer           D. None of these

220. Claustrophobia is a fear of

A. Society             B. Height             C. Death               D.Confined spaces

221. Fahien was a

A. Chinese traveler                                            B. Portuguese sailor

C. Norwegian traveler                                          D. Japanese navigator

222. Sun Yat-sen was the

A. First President of the Chinese republic

B. First Chairman of the communist party if china

C. First Premier of china                                      D. None of these

223. Vitamins were discovered by

A. Moseley           B. Frank Whittle             C. Chadwick         D. Casimir Funk

224. Biogas is the common name of

A. Natural gas     B. Nitrogen gas              C. Hydrogen gas  D. Oxygen gas

225. Headquarter of the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (established in 1946) is located in

A. New York                 B. Geneva            C. Vienna   D. None of these

226. News agency AIP belongs to

A. USA                 B. Palestine                   C. Afghanistan   D. Pakistan

227. Rhodesia's new name is

A. Zaire                B. Tanzania                   C. Zimbabwe       D. Swaziland

228. Belize was formerly known as

A. British Honduras     B. Nicaragua        C. Aksai Chin       D. Malvinas

229. The Tripitaka is a sacred book of which religion?

A. Hinduism         B. Buddhism                C. Confucianism  D. Taoism

230. When the Red Cross was established by Jean Henry Dunant?

A. 1860                B. 1861                          C. 1863                D. 1867

231. The celebrated novel 'the Godfather' was authored by

A. John Milton      B. Victor Hugo               C. Mario Puzo     D. Harold

232. The flag of the Red Cross is the reverse of the flag of

A. Germany          B. Switzerland              C. England           D. Sweden

233. Which of the following regions of the world is most thickly populated?

A. East Asia         B. South Asia               C. North-West Europe

D. North and South America

234. The USA celebrates its independence day on

A. 4th July           B. 24th July                    C. 17th July                   D. 29th July

235. Who is the founder of 'Big Bang Theory'?

A. Tyco Brahe      B. Edwin Hubble            C. Lassac Asimov

D. George Lemaitre

236. Caracas is the capital of                            

  A. New Zealand        C. England                    B. Australia    D. Venezuela

237. Which of the following gases is most predominant in the sun?

A. Helium             B. Hydrogen                 C. Nitrogen                    D. Ozone

238. The Falkland Islands or the Malvinas Islands are disputed between the United Kingdom and

A. Brazil               B. Russia                       C. Argentina                 D. Chile

239. Nelson Mandela was born in

A. 1918                B. 1919                          C. 1920                          D. 1921

240. Rabat is the capital of which Islamic country?

A. Egypt      B. Qatar      C. Morocco         D. Bahrain

241. Grassland plains located in Argentina are called

A. Prairies            B. Downs              D. Pampas           C. Steppes

242. Crimea is an independent state in the Ukraine.

A. East        B. West       C. North      D. South

243. Russia attacked Georgia in

A. 2008       B. 2007       C. 2006       D. 2005

244. International Food Day is observed on..........every year.

A. 15 October       B. 12 October       C. 16 October     D. 14 October

245. Second World War was drawing to an end in

A. 1945       B. 1944       C. 1946       D. 1947

246. During the 2nd World War.......was the British Prime Minister

A. Lord Wavell     B. Simon     C. Mountbatten    D. Winston S. Churchill

247. The Strait of Gibraltar connects the Atlantic Ocean with the

A. Pacific ocean   B. Indian ocean    C. Mediterranean sea  D. None the these

248. There are ......... member states of U.N.

A. 182         B. 193         C. 192         D. 194

249. Taj Mahal is located on the bank of the river

A. Jamna             B. Ganges (Ganga)       C. Narbada           D. Brahmaputra

250. Mossad is the intelligence agency of 

A. Iraq                            B. Iran                  C. Israel               D. India



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