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General knowledge Mcqs Part II FOR NTS TEST, FPSC TEST | Learning ki dunya

General Knowledge Mcqs consists of World Geography, Atmosphere, Science & Literature, events Mcqs, Current Affairs Mcqs, General Knowledge MCQs 2022

General knowledge Mcqs Part II FOR NTS TEST, FPSC TEST | Learning ki dunya


1. The Blue Nile originates from lake tana of Ethiopia white Nile originates from lake victoria Blue and White Nile meet at .........and make the longest river in the world

(a) Cairo            (b) Khartoum             (c) Wad Medani                 (d) Albara

2. The river Volga pours its water into the

(a) Black Sea         (b) the Caspian Sea        (c) Baltic Sea         (d) the Arabian Sea

3. A broad channel where the waters of a river and a sea mingle is called:

(a) An estuary             (b) Comets            (c) A strait            (d) A delta

4. Which is the longest river in the world?

(a) Nile                (b) Amazon                (c) Volga                (d) Mississippi

5. The rivers Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas, and Sutlej are tributaries of which river?

(a) Ganga                (b) Indus                (c) Yamuna                (d) Brahmaputra

6. Which of the following rivers do not flow in Africa

(a) Nile                (b) Congo                (c) Zambeni                (d) Tigris

7. Which one of the following is the correct sequence of landscape features from source to the mouth of rivers?

(a) Waterfalls, alluvial fan, flood plain

(b) Waterfalls, flood plain, alluvial fan

(c) alluvial fan, flood plain, waterfalls

(d) none of the above

8. The river Jhelum has its source from

(a) Mount Kailash             (b) Rohtang            (c) Verinag            (d) Tibet

9. World's largest river in terms of the volume of its flow is

(a) Nile                (b) Mississippi                (c) Amazon                (d) Tiber

10. Which set of two rivers form the world's largest delta before their waters flow into the respective sea?

(a) Rhine-Seine             (b) Nile-Euphrates         (c) Ganges-Brahmaputra     (d) Danube-Thames

11. Which of the following rivers crosses the Equator twice?     (PMS 2006)

(a) Amazon                (b) Congo                (c) Nile                (d) Tigris

12. Which of the following rivers flowing through Pakistan has a source of origin in that country itself?

(a) Chenab            (b) jhelum                (c) Ravi                (d) None of the above

13. Which river is called the father of waters?

(a) Indus                (b) Amazon              (c) Congo            (d) Hudson

14. On the bank of which river is New York situated?

(a) River Colorado         (b) River Hudson     (c) River Mississippi     (d) River Amazon

15. "Nice is the name of a

(a) River            (b) Country                (c) Lake                (d) None of these

16. River darling flows through---------

(a) Asia                (b) Australia            (c) North America         (d) South America

17. Rome the capital of Italy is located beside the river

(a) Danube            (b) Rhine            (c) Tiber                    (d) Po

18.River Darling flows through

(a) Africa            (b) Australia            (c) South America             (d) Asia

19. Red river is present in    

(a) USA                 (b) Canada                   (c) the UK                 (d) Mexico

20. Which is the second-longest river on the European continent?

(a) The Danube        (b) the Volga            (c) the Seine            (d) Thames

21 Which is the second-longest river in America?

(a) Missouri            (b) Mississippi                (c) Red            (d) Colorado

22. Don is a river of

(a) Turkey            (b) Russia            (c) UK                    (d) USA

23. Budapest is the capital of Hungary situated on the bank of

(a) River spree             (b) River Volga         (c) River Danube         (d) River ob

24. Paris is the capital of France situated on the bank of

(a) Seine            (b) Po            (c) Thane                (d) Spree

25. Agra is the very famous city in India due to Ta Mahal, it is situated on the bank of rive

(a) Briomputra            (b) Ganges            (c) Jumne                (d) None of these

26.Oxus River is flowing between

(a) Afghanistan and Russia

(b) Russia and Iran

(c) Russia and China

(d) Afghanistan and Tajikistan

27. Which of the following rivers is called "Father of Rivers"?

(a) Indus            (b) Nile                (c) Amazon                (d) Cango

28. What is the source of the Yellow River?

(a) Mt. of China Kunlun

(b) Mt. Everest

(c) Victoria Lake

(d) None of these

29. What is the total length of the Amazon River?

(a) 6400 km

(b) 6448 km

(c) 6349 km

(d) 6218 km

30. Yangtze Kiang River is located in

(a) China            (b) Thailand            (c) Nepal                (d) Bhutan

31. What is the source of the Volga River?

(a) Altai Mountain

(b) Valdai Plateau

(c) Himalayas range

(d) None of these

32. The outflow of the Indus River is

(a) Black Sea         (b) Indus Sea        (c)     Arabian Sea         (d) None of these

33. Which is the largest river in Asia?                  (PMS 2005)

(a) Yangtze Kiang         (b) Indus             (c) Hawang Ho             (d) Ob

34. Which is the largest river in Africa?

(a) Lena                (b) Niger                (c) Congo                    (d) Nile river

35. Which is the longest river in North America?

(a) Mississippi         (b) Amazon            (c) Niger                    (d) Lena

36. Which is the longest river in Europe?

(a) the Volga        (b) the Danube            (c) Amur                (d) None of these

37. Which is the longest river in South America?

(a) Massari            (b) Peru                    (c) Congo                    (d) Amazon

38. Which of the following rivers is also called the yellow river?

(a) Hwang Ho River         (b) Nile River        (c) Amazon River        (d) None of these

39. Colorado is a river that flows in

(a) USA                    (b) UK                    (c) Peru                        (d) Brazil

40. Congo river is located in

(a) Asia                (b) Africa                (c) Europe                (d) America

41. Missouri is a river located in

(a) China                (b) Japan                (c) USA                    (d) UK

42. Parana river is located in

(a) Paraguay            (b) France                (c) India                (d) None of these

43. Seine river is located in

(a) France                (b) Spain                    (c) Germany            (d) None of these

44. Thamce is a famous river of

(a) UK                        (b) USA                    (c) Russia                    (d) Japan

45. Ganga is a famous river of

(a) Japan                        (b) China                    (c) Russia                (d) India

46. Mackenzie is the name of the river located in

(a) Britain                        (b) Brazil                    (c) Canada                (d) China

47. Murray is the name of the river of

(a) Australia                        (b) Canada                (c) South Africa             (d) China

48. Orange is the name of the river of

(a) Congo                    (b) Egypt                    (c) Syria                    (d) South Africa

49. Which of the following rivers belongs to Russia?

(a) Ob                    (b) Lona                    (c) Amur                    (d) All of above

50. Latani River is located in                      (PMS 2006)

(a) Syria                (b) Lebanon                (c) Turkey                    (d) Iran

51. Which is the shortest river in the world?

(a) Mekong                (b) Lena                    (c) Congo                    (d) Roe River

52. Which is the shortest river in the world with a total length of 98 km.

(a) Amur (Siberia)

(b) Reo (Montana)

(c) Danube (Slovakia)

(d) Congo (Zaire)

53. River Nile originates from

(a) Lake Nyasa

(b) Cherangany mountains

(c) Lake Victoria

(d) Springs in Kenya

54. Which river originates from Tibet near Mansorawar lake?

(a) Sutluj            (b) Indus            (c) Ravi                    (d) Jhelum

55. Which is the only river that flows both north and south of the equator?

(a) Amazon                (b) Congo                (c) Colorado                (d) Tigris

56. In which country the largest river by volume rises?

(a) Panama                (b) North America            (c) Equator            (d) Peru

57.On which lake Lake Victoria is located?

(a) Zambazi                (b) Amazon            (c) Congo                (d) Hudson

58. Indus river pours into

(a) the Aral Sea            (b) Mediterrean Sea            (c) Arabian Sea             (d) Baltic Sea

59.Which river is mentioned most in the bible?

(a) Tigris                            (b) Euraphetes                    (c) Jordan                (d) Nile


General knowledge Mcqs Part II FOR NTS TEST, FPSC TEST | Learning ki dunya

1.Which is the largest sea in the world?

(a) South China Sea     (b) The Mediterranean Sea        (c) The Black Sea        (d) The Red Sea

2. The deepest point in the ocean is

(a) Mariana trench (Challenger deep)

(b) Galathea deep

(c) Bartholomew deep

(d) Mindanao deep

3.Which is the deepest ocean in the world?

(a) The Arctic            (b) Atlantic            (c) Pacific                (d) Indian

4. Which is the saltiest sea in the world?

(a) Mediterranean sea     (b) Black sea            (c) Caribbean sea             (d) Baltic sea

5. The greatest depth of water surface is about 10,900 meters at the Mariana trench. It is located in the

(a) Atlantic Ocean         (b) The Pacific Ocean         (c) Indian Ocean         (d) Antarctica Ocean

6. Which of the following is an Ocean Current?

(a) West wind         (b) Gulf stream         (c) Both of these         (d) None of these

7. Of the total water on the earth fresh water reserves constitute approximately

(a) 12%                (b) 2 7%                (c) 45%                    (d) 58%

8. Which of the following ocean currents is popularly known as the "Warm Blanket of Europe"?

(a) Benguela Current

(b) Cananes Current

(c) Gulf Stream

(d) West wind drift

9. In which one of the following oceans, the ocean currents do not move regularly in one particular direction?

(a) Arctic Ocean         (b) the Indian Ocean        (c) Atlantic Ocean         (d) the Pacific Ocean

10. Which of the following islands is located in the Caribbean Sea?

(a) Sardinia                (b) Jamaica                (c) Sumatra                (d) Tahiti

11. Ocean currents are caused by

(a) Westerlies         (b) Periodic winds        (c) Permanent winds         (d) Monsoon winds

12. Consider the following countries    

(a) Algeria                                (b) Morocco                                (c) Mauritania

Which of these border (s) the Mediterranean Sea?

(a) 1 only            (b) 1 and 2            (c) 2 and 3                (d) 1.2 and 3

13. A ship met with an accident at 30°E and 35°N The ship was sailing in the

(a) Baltic Sea        (b) the Black Sea            (c) Mediterranean Sea        (d) the Red Sea

14. Which of the following sea is located in Central Asia?

(a) Red sea            (b) China sea            (c) Japan sea                    (d) Aral sea

15. Which of the following Oceans is called the father of oceans

(a) Indian Ocean        (b) Atlantic Ocean        (c) the Pacific Ocean        (d) None of these

16. Which of the following Oceans was called  Bahr-e-Zulamat" by Allama Iqbal?

(a) Indian Ocean         (b) the Atlantic Ocean        (c) Pacific Ocean         (d) Arabic Ocean

17. What is the average depth of all oceans?

(a) 3735 metres     (b) 4437 metres        (c) 3530 metres         (d) 6135 metres

18. Which of the following oceans covers about one-third of the surface earth?

(a) Pacific Ocean     (b) the Atlantic Ocean        (c) Indian Ocean     (d) Adriatic Ocean

19. Which is the smallest ocean in the world?

(a) Indian Ocean     (b) the Arctic Ocean     (c) Pacific Ocean     (d) the Atlantic Ocean

20. Which is the second largest ocean in the world?

(a) Atlantic Ocean     (b) the Pacific Ocean        (c) Indian Ocean         (d) None of these

21. What is the average depth of the Pacific Ocean?

(a) 4280 metres     (b) 3635 metres         (c) 3437 metres         (d) None of these

22. What is the average depth of the Arctic Ocean?

(a) 1716 metres     (b) 1205 metres            (c) 1450 metres             (d) None of these

23.What is the average depth of the Atlantic Ocean?

(a) 3590 metres         (b) 3670 metres        (c) 3926 metres         (d) None of these

24. What is the average depth of the Indian Ocean?

(a) 3015 metres         (b) 3430 metres        (c) 3715 metres         (d) 3963 metres

25. Which of the following sea separates Asia from Africa?

(a) Arabic Sea         (b) the Yellow Sea        (c) the Red Sea        (d) None of these

26. What is the total area of the Pacific Ocean?

(a) 155557,000 sq km

(b) 199116 000 sq. km

(c) 176677,000 sq. km

(d) None of these

27.Which is the smallest sea in the world?

(a) Black Sea         (b) the Red Sea        (c) Baltic Sea            (d) the South China Sea

28. the Red Sea is situated in the Ocean?

(a) Pacific Ocean         (b) the Indian Ocean        (c) Atlantic Ocean         (d) the Arctic Ocean

29. The Caspian Sea-Dead Sea and the Aral Sea are actually

(a) Lakes            (b) Rivers            (c) Part of Oceans            (d) Artificial Seas

30. Sumatra island is situated in

(a) the Pacific Ocean

(b) the Indian Ocean

(c) the Atlantic Ocean

(d) the Arabian Sea

31. What is the area covered by the South China sea?

(a) 29,74,600 sq km

(b) 21,15,215 sq km

(c) 26,18,915 sq km

(d) 27.19,315 Sq. km

32. Which is the deepest sea in the world?

(a) Caribbean sea        (b) Mediterranean sea        (c) Baltic sea        (d) Andaman sea

33. Area wise which is the second biggest sea of the world

(a) Red sea            (b) Caribbean sea            (c) Baltic sea            (d) Black sea

34. Which is the shallowest sea in the world?    

(a) the North Sea

(b) Hudson Bay

(c) Gulf of St Lawrence

(d) the Red Sea

35. Which sea on earth has no beaches?

(a) Sargasso Sea             (b) Red Sea            (c) Baltic sea            (d) South Chuan sea

36. The Barents sea is the part of which ocean?

(a) Atlantic Ocean         (b) Arctic Ocean        (c) Pacific Ocean         (d) Indian ocean


1. Suez canal was constructed in

(a) 1867                    (b) 1869                    (c) 1898                            (d) 1875

2. Aswan Dam is in

(a) Libya                (b) Sudan                        (c) Egypt                        (d) Tunisia

3. Gota canal is a ship canal situated in

(a) Italy                   (b) France                        (c) Sweden                       (d) the USA

4. Albert canal situated in Belgium was opened for shipping in 1939, what is its length?

(a) 69 miles            (b) 74 miles                      (c) 77 miles                        (d) 80 miles

5. Kiel canal of Germany was opened in 1895. What is its length?

(a) 59.3 miles         (b) 60.3 miles                    (c) 61.3 miles                    (d) 65.1 miles

6. Erie canal is 363 miles long situated in

(a) France                (b) Australia                    (c) the USA                        (d) Canada

7. Houston and Delaware canals are present in the country

(a) Australia            (b) France                        (c) Italy                               (d) the USA

8. Grand canal is the oldest man-made canal for shipping purpose situated in (made in the 7th century)

(a) Iraq                    (b) China                        (c) France                        (d) India

9. When was Panama Canal Officially opened

(a) 1914                   (b) 1915                    (c) 1916                    (d) 1917

10. Hover Dam is located in

(a) USA                    (b) the UK                    (c) China                    (d) Russia

11. Hover Dam was constructed in 1936 on the river

(a) Michigan River     (b) Colorado River        (c) Mississippi River     (d) None of these

12. the Red Sea is connected with the Mediterranian sea through

(a) Volga Canal         (b) Suez Canal        (c) Panama Canal         (d) None of these

13. the Atlantic Ocean is connected with the Pacific Ocean through

(a) Volga Canal         (b) Kiel Canal            (c) Panama Canal         (d) Suez Canal

14. How many types of canals are there in the world?

(a) 3                        (b) 4                    (c) 5                        (d) 6

15. Welland Canal is located in

(a) India                    (b) Canada                    (c) the USA                            (d) the UK

16. Which is the oldest Barrage in Pakistan?

(a) Jinnah Barrage

(b) Sukkur Barrage

(c) Chashma Barrage

(d) None of these

17. Hingol Dam is constructed in which province of Pakistan?

(a) Punjab

(b) Sindh

(c) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

(d) Balochistan

18. the Volga is the name of the river. It is also the name of the canal of

(a) Russia                (b) China            (c) the USA                (d) France

19. Which is the longest canal in Pakistan?

(a) Loiyed Canal         (b) Thar Canal            (c)     Sadiqia Canal         (d) K.B Link Canal

20. Which of the following countries has the largest number of dams?

(a) USA            (b) China            (c) Russia                (d) India

21. Which is the longest shipping canal in the world?

(a) Beloye-More Canal            (b) Suez Canal         (c) Panama Canal        (d) None of these

22. Bosheen Dam is located in

(a) Brazil                (b) Peru            (c) Ghana                (d) Congo

23. Ching Ping Dam is located in

(a) China                    (b) Russia                (c) Canada            (d) USA

24. Nurek is the name of a

(a) Dam                (b) Canal                (c) Barrage                (d) Lake

25. Grand Cullie Dam is located in

(a) USA                (b) Canada            (c) Russia                (d) India

26. Which is the highest dam in the world?

(a) Pate Dam         (b) New Cornelia Dam            (c) Rogun Dam         (d) Grand Cullie Dam

27. Hume Dam is located in

(a) Australia                (b) USA                    (c) Britain                (d) France

28. Cleveland Dam is located in

(a) Australia                (b) United States            (c) Canada            (d) Japan

29. Karun Three Dam is located in

(a) Iran                    (b) France            (c) South Africa             (d) China

30. Verzasca Dam is located in

(a) France                (b) Switzerland            (c) Brazil                (d) Congo

31. The Suez Canal connects (PPSC Tehsildar 2012)

(a) the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean

(b) the Atlantic Ocean and the South China Sea

(c) the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea

(d) the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea



1. Plateaus situated in between plains and mountains are called

(a) Intermontane plateaus

(b) Continental plateaus

(c) Piedmont plateaus

(d) Peninsular plateaus

2. Which is the longest mountain range in the world?

(a) Himalayas             (b) Andes            (c) Rockies                (d) Alps

3. Margalla Hills in and around Islamabad is a branch of

(a) Kara Koram Range

(b) Hindu Kush Range

(c) Himalayas Range

(d) Suleman Range

4. Which of the following mountain systems is the oldest?

(a) Himalaya            (b) Aravali            (c) Satpura                (d) Nilgiri

5. The youngest mountain range in the world is:

(a) Western Ghats         (b) Himalayas            (c) Aravallis            (d) Andes

6.Which of the following processes is related to the formation of the Himalayas?

(a) Faulting            (b) Folding        (c) Sliding            (d) Volcanic eruptions

7. The first successful expedition to Mount Everest was made in

(a) 1962               (b) 1965            (c) 1968                    (d) 1953

8. Which of the following mountains separate Asia from Europe?

(a) the Ural Mountains

(b) Hindukush Mountains

(c) Alps Mountains

(d) the Atlas Mountains

9. The Roof of the World" is

(a) The Alps

(b) the Andes

(c) The Apennines

(d) The Pamir Plateau (Tibet)

10. Himalaya range is based in

(a) Europe            (b) Asia            (c) Africa                (d) Australia

11. Name the mountain range found in South America

(a) Alps                    (b) Andes            (c) Illampir                (d) Rockies

12. How are the caves of the world's greatest fold mountains formed?

(a) Regular movement

(b) Vertical movement

(c) Horizontal movement

(d) Compressional movement

13. Ceusta is

(a) A low flat-topped hill

(b) A plateau

(c) A plain

(d) A mountain

14. Mount Nuove is found in

(a) Yellow stone park the USA

(b) Naples in Italy

(c) Nepal

(d) India

15. Decan plateau is in

(a) France            (b) India            (c) Australia            (d) South Africa

16. Siesson mountains are

(a) Youngest mountains

(b) Old mountains

(c) Tallest mountains

(d) None of these

17. Charmain mountains are only present in

(a) Egypt            (b) Sri Lanks            (c) India                    (d) Chile

18. The highest plateau of the world is

(a) Potohar plateau

(b) Balochistan plateau

(c) Pamir Plateau (Tibat)

(d) Dacian plateau

19. What is the height of the second-highest mountain peak K-2?

(a) 8595 metre         (b) 8611 metre        (c) 8217 metre         (d) 8126 metre

20. Which is the highest mountian peak in the world?

(a) Mount Everest            (b) K2            (c) Nanga Parbat     (d) None of these

21. Mount Everest is present in the range of mountains

a) Karakoram         (b) Himalya        (c) Andies         (d) Hindukush

22. Mount Everest's height is 29,028 ft what is its height in metres?

(a) 8594 metres        (b) 8291 meters            (c) 8848 meters        (d) 8926 meters

23. The highest mountain peak Mount Everest is situated in

(a) Nepal                (b) India                (c) China                (d) Pakistan

24. Atlas mountains are present in

(a) South Africa             (b) Morocco            (c) Niger            (d) Congo

25. Pontus mountains are present in

(a) Turkey                (b) China                (c) Russia                (d) Burma

26. Kanchenjunga is the third highest mountian peak situated in the Himalayas range, its height is

(a) 29,028 feet         (b) 28,250 feet            (c) 28208 feet         (d) 28185 feet

27. Highest mountian peak of the Himalayas range in Pakistan with a height of 26660 feet is

(a) Manaslue 1     (b) Makalu            (c) Nanga Parbat             (d) Broad peak

28. highest mountain peak of Hindukush range which is situated in Pakistan with the height

of 25263 ft is

(a) Batura Peak         (b) Tirich Mir                (c) Rakaposhi             (d) Broad peak

29. Highest mountian peak of the Karakoram mountain range is

(a) Mount Everest

(b) K2 (Godwin Austen, Chogori)

(c) Nanga Parbat

(d) Rakaposhi

30. Which mountain peak is called the killer mountain peak?

(a) Rakaposhi             (b) Mount Everest        (c) Dhaulagiri             (d) Nanga Parbat

31. Which is the second-longest mountain in the world?

(a) Indies                    (b) Karakoram            (c) Himalayas         (d) Hindu Kush

32. Mt Kilimanjaro is situated in

(a) Asia                (b) Africa                (c) Europe                (d) America

33. Mt Mckinley is situated in

(a) North America                (b) Asia                (c) Africa            (d) Europe

34. What is an "iceberg"?

(a) Mountain of ice in the sea

(b) Largest coral 

(c) Mountain of Africa

(d) None of these

35. Epirogeny is the result of

(a) vertical earth movement

(b) Mass movement

(c) Horizontal cart movement

(d) All of the above

36. Scientific study of caves is called

(a) pirogeny             (b) Sepolongy            (c) Speleology             (d) Mountalogy

37. Effi Plateau is situated in

(a) Peru                (b) Brazil                (c) Chile                (d)Paraguay

38. Manaslu mountain peak is situated in the range

(a) Andies                    (b) Himalaya            (c) Karakoram         (d) Hindu Kush

39. How many mountain peaks are higher than eight thousand metres?

(a) 10                    (b) 12                        (c) 14                    (d) 15

40. Which is the third largest mountain peak in the world?

(a) Kangchenjunga         (b) Makalu            (c) Cho oyo             (d)Lhotse

41. What is the height of the world's fifth-largest mountain peak Makalu?

(a) 8611 metres         (b) 8586 metres        (c) 8511 metres         (d) 8463 metres

42. How many mountain peaks are…

(a) 4                    (b) 5                    (c) 6                            (d) 7

43. What is the total height of Broat peak of the Himalayas range (Pakistan)?

(a) 8068 metres         (b) 8047 metres            (c) 8035 metres         (d) 8027 metres

44. Which of the following mountain peak is also known as Denali mountain peak?

(a) Mt Everest         (b) Aconcagua            (c) Mt. Mckinley         (d) Kilimanjaro

45. Vinson Massif is 4897 metres high mountain peak situated in

(a) Asia                (b) Europe                (c) Antarctica             (d) Africa

46. How many mountain peaks are situated in the Himalaya range that is higher than eight thousand metres?

(a) 10                    (b) 11                (c) 13                        (d) 14

47. Mount Kiominjaro is situated in

(a) Kenya            (b) Tanzania                (c) Uganda                (d) South Africa

48. The highest mountains peak Mount Everest has been named after Col. George Everest who was

(a) Commandant of 1st Mountain Infantry Unit

(b) A Commander of Goslcha Brigade

(c) A Political Agent in NWFP

(d) Surveyor General of India

49. In which range Broad Peak 1 is located?

(a) Hamaliya            (b) Hindukush        (c) Karakuram         (d) Kirthar

50. In which mountain range Tirchi Mir mountain is located?

(a) Himaliya        (b) Kirther            (c) Hindukush             (d) Karakuram

51. Which is the highest peak of the Kerther range?

(a) Broad Peak 1         (b) Zardak            (c) Tirchi Mir            (d) K2

52. Which is the largest mountain system of North America?

(a) Prime Charles mountain

(b) Mckinley

(c) Rockies mountain

(d) Aconcague

53. Mount Olympus is in

(a) Italy                (b) Greece                    (c) France                (d) Hungry

54. Prince Charles mountain is located in

(a) Antarctica        (b) North America            (c) England                (d) Greece


1.Which is the biggest freshwater lake in the world?

(a) Chilka Lake (b) Caspian Lake (c) Dal Lake (d) Lake Superior

2. Which is the deepest lake in the world?

(a) Titicaca (b) Victoria (c) Baikal (d) Superior

3.Which is the largest lake in Africa?

(a) Chad (b) Nyasa (c) Victoria (d) Tanganyika

4.Where is Lake Superior the largest fresh-water lake in the world, located?

(a) USA (b) Brazil (c) Russia (d) None of these

5. A cataract is a

(a) Huge waterfall (b) A marshy creek (c) A mountain pass (d) Currency

6. Hamun Maskhel lake present in Balochistan plateau It is the lake of

(a) Fresh water (b) Hard water (c) Salt water (d) None of these

7. The Great Bear Lake is situated in

(a) North America (b) Canada (c) Siberia (d) None of these

8. Sinkhole lakes are common in

(a) New York (USA) (b) Florida (USA)

(c) Michigan (USA) (d) Virginia (USA)

9. The world's highest lake is

(a) Lake Baikal Asia (b) Lake Titicaca, South America

(c) Lake Como, Europe (d) Caspian Lake

10. Total number of great lakes in USA and Canada are

(a) Four (b) Seven (c) Five (d) Three

11.Oxbow lakes are more common in

(a) USA (b) Germany (c) Pakistan (d) Canada

12. Hanna lake is situated near

(a) Peshawar (b) Quetta (c) Kaghan (d) Islamabad

13. Churchill waterfall is present in

(a) Canada (b) England (c) USA (d) France

14. Trout lake is present in

(a) USA                            (b) Canada              (c) France       (d) China

15. Lake Tana is present in

(a) Ethiopia                       (b) Kenya                (c) Ghana        (d) the USA

16. Which of the following lake is the most polluted lake in the world?

(a) Lake mead                  (b) lake victoria        (c) Huron        (d) Lake Erie

17. Tugela waterfall is present in

(a) Venezuela                 (b) South Africa        (C) Canada      (d) USA

18. Utigardsfossen waterfall is present in

(a) Canada                        (b) USA                 (c) France           (d) Norway

19. Sutherland waterfall is present in

a) Newzealand                 (b) Canada            (C) USA                (d) Australia

20. Yosemite is a famous water-fall of

(a) USA                            (b) Canada            (C) Kenya            (d) France

21. The highest water-fall in the world is

(a) Angel                        (b) Tugela                (c) Ribbon            (d) None of these

22. Which is the second-highest waterfall in the world?

(a) Angel                        (b) Tugela                (c) Ribbon            (d) Connet

23. Which of the following is called Widow's tears?

(a) Lake                        (b) Waterfall              (C) Island            (d) None of these

24.What is the height of Angel Waterfall?

(a) 3081 feet                (b) 3181 feet            (c) 3281 feet            (d) 3381 feet

25. King Edward III water-fall is situated in

(a) Norway                    (b) Gayana            (c) Italy                    (d) Denmark

26. Melegon water-fall is located in

(a) Italy                        (b) New Zealand      (c) USA                (d) Australia 27. Neruda waterfall is located in (a) USA                        (b) the UK                (c) Italy                (d) India

28. Sloeskan is the name of the water-fall where is it situated.

(a) South Afnca           (b) Canada             (c) the USA          (d) France

29. What is "Great Bear"?

(a) Waterfall                (b) Lake                    (C) Sea                (d) Animal

30. What is the total area of the world's largest lake Caspian sea?

(a) 394 299 sq km                                     (b) 294 386 sq. km (c) 354 000 sq km                                     (d) None of these

31. Randeer is the name of the lake, situated in

(a) Peru                    b) Canada                (c) France            (d) Britain

32. Ontario lake is situated in

(a) USA                    (b) Canada                (c) Italy                (d) France

33. Michigan lake is located in

(a) USA                    (b) Canada                (c) Italy                (d) Britain

34. Which of the following countries are situated around the lake Caspian sea?

(a) Russia, Iran, Turkey, Tajikistan                (b) Russia Syria Turkey Kazakhstan
(c) Azerbaijan, Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan        (d) Azerbaijan India, China, Russia

35. Which one of the following lakes is situated in Turkey?

(a) Irri lake            (b) Ural lake                (c) Wann lake            (d) Nyasa lake

36. Which is the saltiest lake in the world?

(a) Titicaca lake     (b) Dead sea                (c) Baikal lake         (d) Caspean sea

37. Which lake is located in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda?

(a) Great bear lake (b) Lake Victoria            (c) Java lake        (d) Michigan lake

38. In which country would you find lake disappointing?

(a) Newzealand        (b) USA                        (c) Australia            (d) France

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